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  • Helping Megan to grow

    Hi Whoopi, I enjoyed The View until Megan, she's rude, always right and she's overbearing and throw tantrums. You are head of the table and you allow her outbursts more than anyone else. It would be good for you to tell her to wait until the other co host has completed their comment. You appear to be a little more lenient with her. She's not quite ready in my opinion to sit at the table, not that she is not informed, and on some things she is misinformed and has been called out, but being ready comes with learning self control, consideration of others, and most of all, leaving the attack mode at the door. If she is to grow, she needs not to be allowed to get away with all of her selfish, arrogant, bratty and know it all attitude.
  • oh whoopi

    I can't describe how disappointing you are as a human being. You have no respect for our pres or our country. You and Joey both have some massive Karma coming due very soon.

    Please both of you move to Honduras, Please...
  • 2018 bff's

    Hi Whoopi Goldberg, I am born 11-26-55 and I am close to your age. I look forward to meeting you one day, I love your energy and style. Thank you for shining a light on male models being abused by famous photographers. This will surely cause other photographers to think twice before trying this type of treatment on models, male and female alike. I Hope to one day meet all the ladies of the View , maybe as a senior model. I see myself as being friends with you Whoopi. By the way, I would like to meet you when you will perform your stand up comedy show here in Detroit. In the event that will not be possible, I will totally understand this and continue to look forward to being introduced to you one day. I do not get to watch the show daily, but when I do I am always very pleased watching you. Like how you held your locks out telling of Beyonce and Jay-Z tickets news. I like to see the playful, side of you as well as the serious side, while conducting interviews. I am a huper person, always Praying , working out, and cooking. You seem very laid back. Our Birthdays are 13 days apart which makes me wonder if you are hyper at all like myself. Maybe one day God will arrange our meeting. Until then,

    Blessings and Respect

    Hi Whoopi I was blessed to see your show in Detroit at the Soundboard theatre. I was even able to give the human that was in charge of you for the day a business card for Playerz magazine, which is my daughters platform. However soon after it seems we had major business disagreements which led to my employment ending, which is fine. I now wish to say to you, please allow my to show my writing skills to you by allowing me to write, anything. please have your people utilize my email which is is my email. telephone 586-405-2760, please think about this and know that I am also available for bff. (smile)


  • Not a Fan anymore

    Whoopi you have a microphone and a stage but not all people want to hear about your hate. You use to be a voice of reason but no longer. You have become an angry bitter woman--why is that? You've managed to promote evil against your government, support black lives corruption, and race hate; and how you think you're something special is concerning.
  • Whoopi

    I don't blame them for moving to another seat and they have every right not to sit next to someone that is part of this presidents family. You don't think Tiffany would exercise her right to move to another seat if Obama's family were sitting next to her? She is a big girl and reaps many benefits financially from her father's extreme narcissism and the narcissist voters that support him. It is not all about you. You get what you get. And Whoopi you need to stand up against oppression not support it because you have some compassion for this privileged child. And to you maggie1545: democrats don't work? hello are you insane? Talking about passing judgment and I know republicans that don't work but I don't judge all republicans because they don't work. You need to get some counseling.
  • Wake up

    You are a disgrace to women. Shame on you for choosing a woman who is corrupt and could care less about women or blacks. Wake up and do your research. The Democratic Party is a failure. I have been a teacher foe 30 years. Those idiots do not care. They fool you to giving them money. They do not inner city care children have no chance. Democrats do not care. They make it look like they do. These people depend on welfare and hand outs. The only way to teach people is to make them work and to make them have pride in what they do. My daughter just took a Mission trip to Thailand. The people are poor, but they are trying to start their own businesses and have pride in what theydo. Listen to the God in your heart. Have faith in people and listen to your heart.

    in conclusion. Teach people how to fish and not how to depend on how to depend on people to fish for them. P;ease listen.... Teach people about accountability! Please be a light for our future!!!! I typed a whole paragraph and it disappeared. Where did it go ABC?????
  • Gang Banged Ben Carson

    Whenever Ben Carson tried to respond to questions the "hosts" would cut short his responses or deem them as lies or wrong feelings or observations. This latest group of "host" has lost its objectivity and no matter how strongly they may feel personally or professionally about a topic they cannot seem to act with the professionalism they expect and want. Unfairly Whoopi throws out accusations as if they are statements of fact and Ben Carson explains to Whoopi what HE knows of Donald Trump and what HE PERSONALLY feels and knows what the real Donald Trump is about and because she cannot accept that answer she gets physically and verbally upset. Why would anyone who doesn't agree with the Gang of Hateful and Disdain Filled Hosts ever want to go on this show!

    A little too late at the end of the show this question was actually brought up! Once again Whoopi got upset and loud "wagged her finger" in denial that they acted that way.

    This show needs to be revamped or axed!


    Dear Whoop

    JBS Legacy Needs You, Bootsy Collins Needs You, I Need You, Can We Perform On The View in Leading up To James Browns 10th Anniversary

    I was Introduced By You On My 2006 Appearance on Apollo James Brown was Watching it will be 10 years Please Please Please APOLLO CLIP WITH YOU AS HOST 0gP9bh7r1zk Thank you for Any Consideration
  • music not just notes

    So on about music. In 1975, I was chosen with other 'under-privileged' kids to attend a performance of "Peter and the Wolf" by the Denver Symphony at (the then new) Boettcher Hall in Denver. The music played - the narrator read the story. My eyes were opened to "communication" through music which became my 'Outlet' so to speak. Got me through many struggles, still does. . Narrator was Radio talk show host Allan Berg.
  • "The Whoop"

    This gal cannot be beat!!. She is the epitome of grace and knows just what to say at the right time. I just cant say enough good things about this gal. I just hope she continues on "The View" and the freak Rosie O'Donnell doesn't override Whoopi. How ABC could even consider getting is beyond me. Getting rid of Sherri Shephard was a plus. She actually thought she was "The Star" of view. I stopped watching the View quite some time ago. If there was something or someone I wanted to see I taped and when Sherri started on her "Rants" I would zip over her. I could even take Jenny over her,
  • concerning the shoes you wear

    hey the ones,the black short boots with the chain and accessories... i would love to have a pair... the show was aired on 7/31/14 plz send me some more info. on them ........... thx carol
  • You go Whoopi

    She does a great job on the View. I hope the loud mouth Roseie don't run her off. I have a feeling the Talk will out do the View in the ratings. Worse thing they could have done is bring that loud mouth back! It is a shame that the ratings are going to pummel through the basement. She should bail while she can do so in good faith .
  • love that WHOOPI


    LINDA JULY 26TH 2014
  • Whoopi SW Jacket

    I loved the jacket Whoopi had on today, March 12, 2014. Living in Oklahoma, I love Southwest designs, and would love to have that jacket! Can you tell me where she got it?
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  • A Retired Grandma in NC

    Always have loved Whoopi, She is the bomb! Where did she get those two phat rings? I really want to know.
  • Love you opinions!

    Re: Paula Deen & calling her assistance "dark" on just watched Wayne Brady on LMAD in turban using East Indian accent as a fortune teller with his announcer, Jonathan's head in the crystal ball. Wayne called him "pasty white" during the bit. Wonder how many times in his past he's used term "honky or cracker". As you said, we have bigger problems in this country. Liberals rule and Elizabeth needs to lighten up.

    A Must See Video BY China The View invited to Learn

    Thee Awesome by China on Youtube

    Dear Woopi one of my dreams and saying since I have been inspired to do the Awesome Project was I going to teach Woopi the Awesome Step on the View. The Awesome is very colorful and fun. Just take one look Woopi, I want to connect the Awesome to a worthy cause.

    Thee Awesome is bigger than I can do all by my self. I love SISTER SISTER joy, laughter, spirit, soul, creative awareness in the house of the LORD. Color Girls I Loved a very strong message. Ghost one of my favorites. On the View you keep it real, simple, funny and stay on point. You Are delivered from what other people think and from what other people are doing. That is cool to me.

    A Must See Video BY China The View invited to Learn

    thee awesome step by china

  • wearing sock with high heels shoes

    Dear Woopi,

    I've watched the beginning of the episode where you wear those cute shoes with your socks. I agree with you. It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long you are comfortable with what you are wearing and not worry what other people are saying. I don't wear high heel shoes and wear socks with sandals. Why worry what other people are saying. I also like those cute socks. So thumbs up for wearing socks with you high heel shoes, and by the way you look nice with sock and all. I was amazed with those violin shoes, that was different.

    Take care. The Cat Lady
  • Love her just not on "The View".

    Loved her in "Ghost". Funny.
  • I win!

    Why isn't anyone speaking up about the fact that American women won this election. My body..my vote!!

  • Best there is!!

    You are the greatest Person on TV. I have admired your courage since I found out how hard you work to get where you are today. I remember when I heard your story on television and how you became a star. Ever since then I watched all your movies and shows.

    I was brought up in an African Orthodox Church and I am Caucasian. The whole time I was brought up with no color in my world. I am 47 years old and it burned me to hear on TV this morning that some newscaster was talking to an African American woman, she was looking at pictures of the 44 Presidents and his statement was, "You know that 2 of them owned slaves", I was mortified that he would say that to her. This day and age this should have not been said. When will the media stop with the difference of peoples' background????
  • I love her forever in all that she does; movies, guest, star, and everything else in between!

    She had a special where she spoke her mind and it was GREAT! I love the way she thinks. I have ONe of her audiotapes and it's funny as heck, frank, honestly Whoopi at her best. Her movies are all great so far - may she keep up the great work!
    What else can I say about Whoopi? I miss her show and wish it would come back but since she's on "The View", I'm sure she's too busy. She really does great on "The View", too! Again, she tells it like she sees it and hits the nail on the head. Everyone should be taping this show to watch after work - yes, it's that good!
    In short - I love you, Whoopi - keep up the great work!!!
  • love your boots that you had on during the show that aired 1/19/10 Keep on being yourself In my opinion your the best host on the view no drama just the facts and you also make them fun! love watchng you please dont ever change! cheryl beck

    love your boots that you had on during the show that aired 1/19/10
    Keep on being yourself In my opinion your the best host on the view no drama just the facts and you also make them fun!
    well i really dont have anything else to say but guess i have to type 100 words in order to send this...lets see well, i have a son 18yrs old and i can trully say i dont just love him i really like him he is fun to hang with..now his father another story...DIVORCE!!! :)
    woopie I love watchng you please dont ever change!

    cheryl beck
    chalotte, nc
  • Outstanding actress and co host on the View

    Whoppie is one of the most talented woman in the entertainment world. She is down to earth and follows through logically on matters she feels need our attention. I always know I will get a new and interesting perspective on everyday life. As a co host on the View she is able to keep control over the conversation and bring it to a logical resolution. I know Whoopie supports causes that may not be popular with many Americans but unless these items are discussed and acted upon you may find our liberties and freedom will be compromised. I know I don't want that to happen any more than you do. You go girl!!!
  • A very interesting person.

    I think that Whoopi Goldberg is very unique. She is full of charisma and she seems to be a nice person off camera. I think she is a really good actress and has been a really good talk show host as well. The thing what stands out about her is the fact that she never changes who she is as a person. Every time you see her, she is the same person she was 10 or 15 years ago. Even 20 years from now, she will be the same person. She is funny and can really keep an audience entertained. She is basically a one person show. Thank you.
  • empty

    She is an outstanding woman. She is very funny, she has receive several awards for different things along her career, and I must say that she is certainly some to admire, she is so great, and I think that she is one of the best actresses aroudn. She really knows how to act, and I like her style.
  • She deserves a show that will be on the air forever. SHE IS AWESOME!!!

    She is an awesome person I love her in all her roles especially these:

    - Deloris in Sister Act
    - Corrina in Corrina, Corrina
    - Eddie in Eddie
    - Laurel in The Associate
    - Louise in Everybody Hates Chris
    - Mavis in Whoopi

    She is absoultley great! I think she should have a lot more cameos on shows. I think she'd be a good cameo on Reba. Also I think she should get her own Talk Show I think she could do a talk show great. Overall I think Whoopi is a really funny and great person and is better then most people think she is.
  • She's OK.

    The only movie with Whoopi Goldberg I have ever seen is "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle". I think she did an OK Judge Cameo, but the character was kind of an idiot. First of all, she sleeps throughout the whole thing, second of all, when she learns it is Rocky & Bullwinkle she makes up a false law "celebrities are above the law". Personally I think she can do better. She was alright voicing one of the hyenas in the Lion King though.