Wicked Wisdom

Wicked Wisdom


1/1/2003, L.A, California, USA

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Wicked Wisdom is a heavy metal band that formed sometime in 2003. Even though they aren't totally mainstream, they have built a following. They have found numerous fans, even though coming under some criticism. But they continue to go on, attracting more people. They are a band meant…more


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    • Jada Koren: We don't know where that finish line is, it might be my grave, but it's been quite a journey.

    • Jada Koren: There was a point in time when it was not cool to be a Wicked Wisdom fan. It's a tough audience, but the other side is that you have to remember the paradox: as much pain as they can offer you, they can offer you as much joy and love on the other side. It's intense on both sides, and what I love about this scene is that it's extreme. It's full of feeling — in the world today, we're told every day how to numb ourselves, pop a pill here so you don't have to feel this, suppress the pain. But pain is a gift, a blessing — without it, why do anything different? Why change? We're constantly trying to suppress those emotions and just trying to be these neutral, robotic unaffected creatures.

    • Jada Koren: (when asked what it's like to be the underdog) The best part of this is being the underdog. People come to the shows and don't know what to expect. When we take the stage and the music hits, I can literally see jaws dropping in the crowd because they just don't expect it. I love going off and surprising people with this band. The best part about the experience is we are having a good time and surprising people and impressing people with what we do. It is a tough position to be in but if you can take the pressure, it is also the best position to be in.

    • Jada Koren: I always wanted to start a band, and I grew up on hard rock and heavy metal.

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  • Who ever would have guessed?

    When I first heard that actress Jada Pinkett Smith had a band, I didn't know what to think. Then I learned that she had a Goth rock band, and I couldn't believe it. Her husband is a rapper, and her band plays a very certain type of rock?

    But then I heard them. Wicked Wisdom was on Leno, and I really wanted to hear their sound. And I was blown away. They are an extremely talented band. WW has a sound I can really get into. I absolutely love "Bleed All Over Me." They are extremely talented, and while some have their doubts about the band, I really see them having a successful future. They're amazing.moreless