Wil Anderson

Wil Anderson


1/31/1974, Heyfield, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

William James "Wil" Anderson


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Will Anderson is one of Australia's favourite comedians. He hosted Triple J's breakfast radio show along with Adam Spencer from 2001-2005. While he was up early doing radio, he was also moonlighting as the host of the TV series, The Glass House. The show ran from 2001-2006. In…more


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    • Will Anderson: Advertising is the world's biggest entertainment industry - there's more spent on it than Hollywood films - and it has not been looked at critically. The only time you ever see it talked about on TV is when Dermott Brereton presents a (best-of clip-show) about them.

    • Wil Anderson: In fact, if I was a superhero I think I would be Procrastinator Man: 'What's that? Someone's in trouble? Okay, I'll be there... as soon as I make myself a cup of tea, read the papers, have another cuppa, sharpen some pencils, feed the cat, organise my CDs into alphabetical order, check my email, type my name into Google, and finally have just one more cup of tea'.

    • Wil Anderson: With the way I've treated my body when I meet my maker I expect him to take one long look and tell me I'm not getting my bond back. But I do hope when I die, my hand-me-downs might help someone else live. Or at the very least I hope my friends stuff me and use me to drive in the transit lane.

    • Wil Anderson: People often ask if my parents are proud of my career choice, to be perfectly honest they are just proud I'm not married to my own sister. (Well we dated, but it didn't work out).

    • Wil Anderson: I had always had two major requirements in any job I wanted, indoor work with no heavy lifting.

    • Wil: (from his book "Survival of the Dumbest") Did you know that in the last ten years, 31 Australians have died from watering the Christmas tree while the lights were still plugged in? And at least a couple of those were watering plastic trees. Now I don't want to seem callous, but to me that's not a tragedy - that's natural selection.

    • Wil: (after the axing of his show, "The Glasshouse") I now need work. When my phone rings, I think, 'Please be Celebrity Survivor 2!' Or maybe I could be the black Wiggle - the one telling kids what life's really like.

    • Wil: (on the axing of his show, "The Glasshouse") Basically, I've been doing the sensible thing and making plans about what I'm going to steal from the ABC. I've got my eye on Kerry o'Brien's green pen or one of the Bananas in Pyjamas.

  • A great comedian to either see live doing standup or on the tellie (or listen to on radio for that matter).

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Wil Anderson live a couple of times and have been pleased to find I hadn't already heard all his jokes - whenever I have seen him I've only ever heard a handful of the jokes before. Which is refreshing.

    I thought that he was absolutely brilliant on the Glasshouse. When the show first started I was a sceptic of the whole show and of Wil Anderson as I thought who could possibly take a turn at a panel news show on the ABC and take on a Paul McDermott-esque role to any sort of standard. But he was absolutely brilliant. I hope we don't have to wait for a writers strike in the US to see this bloke back on the tellie.moreless
  • Wil Anderson is not, as many people assume, actually a piece of toast, but he is one of Australia’s funniest comedians.

    Wil Anderson is a funny, funny man. He’s done a lot of stuff; stand-up, radio, TV, newspaper, wrote a book, and he even has a MySpace account.

    Said to have a crippling fear of nail polish remover and socks, he’s probably most well known for hosting the ABC show “The Glass House”, which had its final show at the end of November 2006, having been axed despite having its highest ratings ever.

    Wil Anderson is one of the few people who can make me laugh no matter where he is, or what he’s talking about. And he listens to the same kind of music as me, so that’s got to be another plus for him, doesn’t it?moreless