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  • Wil Traval had become one of my all time favourite actors.

    Wil’s acting ability is amazing. He definitely deserves more credit than he gets. His work on All Saints has shown his great ability but I think it was his work on the mini series Jessica that truly made me sit and up and say ‘He is great!’ While he is totally gorgeous it doesn’t make me lose sight of the fact that this guy can act. The character of Billy Simple in Jessica shows his great versatility and also his compassion. He portrayed a character with a brain disability in such a way that had me believing in his disability and feeling such sorrow for the character and he didn’t portray the character in a way that made people laugh at his disability. I think that takes a pretty amazing actor to achieve that. I am really looking forward to seeing what else he will do in the future.

  • An underused, underrated actor.

    I haven't seen Wil Traval in anything but All Saints (Hates the novel Jessica, specifically, hated the ending, and refused to see any considerable amount of the miniseries) but I think he's fantastic as Doctor Jack Quade on All Saints. Whenevr he gets a dominating storyline, he really shines. The Charlotte's pregnancy storyline was heartbreaking, and I really felt for him during the Deanna Richardson storyline. Unfortunately, TPTB seem to have little for him to do since, although I like what I've seen of his new dynamics with Dan.

    One of the shows best actors, and I hope they give him more to do in the future. (And from what I saw of Jessica, he was damn good.)moreless