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  • Talented actor stuck with bad material

    I enjoyed Wil Wheaton's work in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." I was always impressed how easily he handled all the technical jargon in his dialogue. I never could understand all the hostility he got from Trekkies who objected to seeing a teen character on the show. I thought he was a great addition.

    I was much less happy, however, with the work he did in films. He was fine, but so often he got stuck with the most corny lines to say. To this day, it amazes why such an intelligent guy (maybe too intelligent?) would put up with such substandard writing. I've visited his web log, and the quality of writing there is like day & night compared to some of the groaners he was stuck with by Hollywood film writers.

    He is not as active in acting these days, but from what I hear, he is doing well.
  • Not just Wesley

    I originally began my obsession with Wil Wheaton as a pre-adolescent Star Trek geek. I had the BIGGEST crush on Wesley. For years and years I thought of Wesley Crusher whenevr I thought about Wil Wheaton. But just recently I've began reading his blogs from his personal website and I've found there's more to Wil Wheaton than meets the eye.

    He is a proud and hardworking step parent. He loves his wife and children very much and lives a busy and fufilling life as a writer/actor. He has written many successful books, such as 'Just A Geek' and 'Dancing Barefoot'.

    Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Wil Wheaton's talent has gone unnoticed by too many. He is an excellent actor who has not been given the oppurtunities necessary to fully showcase his skills.
  • I'll admit, I hate Star Trek with a passion.

    However, Wil Wheaton is liked by me because like me, he is a geek and is not afraid to admit it. He also does have acting talent, and it's really a shame that he's just getting the odd one-off guest role these days.

    I've been "cheering" Mr. Wheaton on for the past few months, and really do hope he gets a starring role in something one of these days. If he does, it will be an effort paid off. If not, at least he didn't give up.

    So Wil, if you ever by chance stumble across this review, I'm with you all the way.
  • He's great!

    I first noticed him as wesley crusher on star trek the next generation ,my favourite episode was the episode wesley became captain of the ship because of some disease.
    I was glad to see him on another great show Diagnosis Murder as Gary Barton , he portrayed the role perfectly.
    My favourite wil wheaton movies are:
    Stand by Me (with other great actors, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell)
    Toy Soldiers ( with Sean Astin from the lord of the rings trilogie, playing Sam Gamgee, one off frodo's best friends.)
    But who can say that i am wrong when i say that he was and still is extremely hot and a great actor.
  • I adore Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek TNG. He's great!

    Wil Wheaton annoys many people, but I think he's great. He's so funny as the annoyingly smart Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've really had a good time watching the re-runs with him on Spike. One of my favorite episodes is where his mom and Captain Picard both tell him to shut up. He's got the funniest expression on his face. Would like to see him in something again soon.