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  • Not just Wesley

    I originally began my obsession with Wil Wheaton as a pre-adolescent Star Trek geek. I had the BIGGEST crush on Wesley. For years and years I thought of Wesley Crusher whenevr I thought about Wil Wheaton. But just recently I've began reading his blogs from his personal website and I've found there's more to Wil Wheaton than meets the eye.

    He is a proud and hardworking step parent. He loves his wife and children very much and lives a busy and fufilling life as a writer/actor. He has written many successful books, such as 'Just A Geek' and 'Dancing Barefoot'.

    Unfortunately for the rest of the world, Wil Wheaton's talent has gone unnoticed by too many. He is an excellent actor who has not been given the oppurtunities necessary to fully showcase his skills.