Will Arnett





Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Will Arnett was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. As a young adult, he decided to try and make a career as an actor and moved to New York City. He started his acting career by performing in a few small films such as Close Up and Ed's Next Move. He later managed to land guest starring roles in several television shows such as Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and Third Watch. His breakout role was as the judgmentally challenged George Oscar Bluth (nickanmed "Gob") on the critically acclaimed and multiple Emmy nominated series Arrested Development. Since the cancellation of Arrested Development, Will has continued to work in both films and episodic television in addition to doing voice-over work in television commercials. In his personal life, he was briefly married to actress Penelope Ann Miller in 1994-1995. In 2000, he began dating SNL regular Amy Poehler. The two were married on August 29 2003 and have two children together. While he currently lives in New York with his family, he remains an avid fan of his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs.