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  • he is talented in acting and a hilarious guy. to watch his acting is great experience.

    I like his GOB very much. so many funny scenes. and 'let's go to prison' as well. his voice in ice age is so atrractive. voice in grindhouse is also impressive. I think he will be a great comedy actor, because he is special and talented. he is hilarious but not vulgar. I think he will a different comedy star from others. he has so many new movies to be on cinema, and I am looking foward to them. for there are so few works of his. I hope to see more roles like Jeff the demon and many more other types of roles.
  • This guy is fantastic. Give him a good straight man to bounce off of and he will not let you down. From his gravely voice, to his arrogant posture he does not disappoint.

    Will Arnett has only recently come onto the national scene since his character G.O.B. became one of the funniest on Arrested Development.

    This guy knows comedy and he clearly has the chops to take dialog and make it ten times funnier than it has any right to be.

    From seeing his other appearances on talk shows and other interviews he clearly has a talent for improv and ad-libbling as well.

    His movie career is just starting with roles in Blades of Glory and his staring role in that disappointing prison movie. He recently appeared on an episode of 30 rock and I hope he returns next season, as he was fantastic.
  • Gob is a comedy legend!

    Will Arnett is underrated, seriously underrated. Why he isn't more famous is a mystery, and something that hopefully will be addressed as time goes by. In Arrested Development he played GOB a self-obsessed magician, who could go down as one of the greatest comedy characters of all time, just a shame the show was cancelled when it still had so much more to give.

    Will has perfect timing, as GOB he says the right thing at the right time. Classic comedy. If anyone else had played him it wouldn't have been good, also keeping a straight face during some of the scenes is an achievement in itself.

    Lets just hope that Arnett will get bigger roles in bigger shows in the future to showcase his obvious talent.
  • Unusual

    One of the funniest and unusual talents on tv, his voice just adds to the characters he plays! Its a deep baritone and makes the charater of G.O.B. all the more hilarious and self-serious. In Arrested Development, he's so ludicrois and brilliant- he rides a Segway, is an loser amateur magician, a wannabe playboy, and is neglected by his parents (mainly because of the magic and the Segway factors) who appear to favour his siblings over him. He clearly one of the best loved stars on it. I hope we'll see him on some similar show because the wider world needs to know about Will Arnett.
  • I love this guy!

    Will is awesome...I'd like to see much more of him in the future!!! I'd like to see him in different kinds of roles too, in dramas as well as comedies. He seems to be really humble and down to earth, and appreciative of the success of his show, which is awesome. And he's married to the most talented woman ever, Amy Poehler! So he's a smart man. I think he's great!
  • Arnett is a comic gem.

    So glad he gets to showcase his talent on such a clever show such as Arrested Development. This man can say anything and make it hilarious. I will reluctantly admit that I saw Monster In Law and it was unfortunate that Arnett's role was so small. With all these new projects in the works, I'm sure he'll soon gain the recognition he deserves.
  • Great actor

    One of the most talented supporting actors on TV...well, all of the supporting males on Arrested Development are, but I digress. His take on GOB Bluth is fantastic. His voice, his reactions, facial expressions...priceless...Will Arnett is a true talent. I'm sure he has a bright future ahead of him. And he seems genuinely funny in real life too. His appearances on TV talk shows are genuinely hilarious. And c'mon, he's Canadian! What more could you ask for?