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  • The Testing

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    S 8 : Ep 8 - 11/25/87

    Forced to divest interests in Denver-Carrington to avoid conflict with his political career, Blake struggles to decide who in the family will assume power. Upset that Jeff told Blake of her alien encounter, Fallon bitterly rejects Jeff's request to accompany him to New York. Taking advantage of Jeff's vulnerability, Leslie shows up on board the Carrington jet. She flies with him to New York under the pretext of doing business for Alexis. Taking Dex's advice to call Jeff in an effort to save their marriage, Fallon is devastated when Leslie answers the phone. Blake walks in on Steven as he is reprimanding Josh Harris for his declining performance on the field. Impressed, Blake makes note of Steven's decisiveness in handling the situation. Sammy Jo is confused by her lingering feelings for Steven and her yearning feelings for Josh. Showing up at Josh's apartment, she is torn whether to stay the night. Soon after Sammy Jo leaves, Skip Maitland, the original quarterback for the Monarchs, shows up at Josh's door with a vial of cocaine. Kept unaware by Leslie that Fallon had phoned, Jeff calls Fallon hoping to initiate a reconciliation. Fallon hangs up on him. Distraught by Fallon's actions, Jeff takes Leslie to his room, asking her to stay the night. Blake asks Steven to run Denver-Carrington. Sean vows to avenge the suicide of his father, Joseph Aynders, and the rape of his sister, Kirby. Blaming Alexis for his father's death, Sean promises to crush her and her family by using his influence on her to turn the family against themselves.moreless
  • The Confession

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    S 7 : Ep 26 - 4/22/87

    Following the stock plunge of Trouville Industries and his large financial loss as a result, Dirk Maurier confronts Alexis. He accuses Adam of being responsible for the insider-trading scheme. Krystle and Blake drop all charges against Sarah and place her under private psychiatric care. Adam, unable to tolerate Neal McVane's blackmail any longer, confesses his true identity to Blake and Alexis, leaving them stunned. Wanting to free them of his deceptive lies, Adam runs from Blake's office, vowing to never return. Waiting to give Nick Kimball an answer to his marriage proposal, Dominique is surprised by Jackie's return to Denver, and her news that Garrett is still very much in love with her. Adam returns to Denver following a visit to his mother's grave in Montana. Putting aside the past, Dana passionately welcomes Adam back into her life. As Dana and Adam prepare to leave Denver, Blake persuades Adam to believe he will always be his son and a Carrington. Gavin Maurier, nephew of Dirk, arrives in Denver, searching for Alexis and her money, to pick up where his uncle's failures left off.moreless