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  • Great and very talented actor!

    From all Michigan fans of the show "Blue Bloods" we wanted to say we really enjoy watching you and the whole wonderful crew, such a great positive and inspiring show, really love it! Will Estes is re ally cute and what a wonderful representation of male beauty, manliness and maturity plus great charm and really good acting! We wish Will and all the actors huge success with the show and every other show they are in!
  • Great Actor

    Hope to see you in some big movies and series to come !
  • Amazing Actor!!

    Hey, Will Estes is amazing actor, and I would be happy to work with anytime, either if I was not good acting. Cause I know that he would help. I wanted to say great job with your character Jamie in Blue Bloods, I think that Jamie and Will are like the same in way. Hope everything goes will. I will keep watching the show. And I really like the character of Jamie. He is type of person I might she marrying one day.
  • I love Will Estes!!!

    Will Estes is so amazing. He is such a good actor, but he has horrible problems with stupid people cancelling his amazing shows. Plus he is so cute! Any time I hear that Will will be on a show, I always tune in or tape it. He just has this charm, that you have to fall in love with him. My favorite role of his was probably on American Dreams as JJ, before he went to Vietnam. He changed afterwards. But when he was in the battles, I would always bite my fingernails thinking he would die, but alas, JJ came through for us. Here's to hoping the great and talented Will Estes has better luck finding a show that sticks around.
  • Talented and hopes to find a better show!

    It is a shame that Reunion was cancelled and that now
    Will has to find better roles for him though he does have
    The talented and good looks to succeed IMO
    But that very breakout role has been eluding him
    Just pick the best roles and the best scrips is
    All that he needs to do and he will have that
    Breakout role that will make him a star!
  • I knew that i had been seeing this calming face elsewhere but had to get online to figure out where.

    It turns out that the man who plays the adorable character as "will malloy" on Reunion had been around for years and i have seen almost everything he has been in. I love his character on Reunion because every group of friends has the savior. You know the one who keeps the friends together or the one who keeps everybody level headed or appologizes for peoples mistakes when its no fault of their own. I love the way he is developing this character and it helps that he is sooooooo hot.
  • Will Estes has been on countless TV shows and for some reason the networks keep cancelling them. American Dreams was a great show and he did a great job but it was cancelled after 3 seasons. Reunion, great show cancelled after 5 episodes.

    Will Estes has been on countless TV shows and for some reason the networks keep cancelling them. American Dreams was a great show and he did a great job but it was cancelled after 3 seasons. Reunion, great show cancelled after 5 episodes. I don't think he gets enough exposure to showcase his talent and he has a lot of talent. His characters are all very likeable and he does a great job putting into action what the writers have written. He's a wide range actor so he can do many different roles unlike some actors that can only be the boy next door or the dramatic problemetic child. He's been part of a lot of great shows and movies but I really think he should have his own series where he is the main star. I thought that's how Reunion would be since the story revolves around 6 friends but the main ones are Sean Faris, Alexa Davalos, and him. But now that it's cancelled what will he do. What will be his next project? Whatever it is I will continue to watch him because of his talent and his looks are an added bonus.
  • yum yum what more could a girl want

    yum yum what more could a girl want he's gorgeous and talented. i first saw him american dreams and i nearly died. i thought geeze why havent i seen him before see im from australia and i dont get to see him on our screens. i just love him. does anyone not agree that he is the yummiest man alive?
  • Will has been great thusfar in Reunion!

    I didn't really know too much about Will Estes before I saw him in Reunion. I have been really impressed with his acting capabilities. He has been the perfect choice to play the sympathetic Will. It seems to be a really challenging role, and he has nailed it the first two episodes. I am really looking forward to more!
  • Will Estes is an amazing actor who brings goodness to the small screen

    I'll bite; I love Will Estes. Have been a huge fan since his "Kirk" days, but even more so since "Meego." What can I say? He's everything a girl could want rolled into one guy. Handsome, sweet, has a good sense of humour and as I read in an article, Jonathan Prince, the creator of American Dreams, said and I quote "Will is the kind of guy you would want to date your daughter," or something along those lines. That is so true I am sure.

    The only con about his acting and I pose this as a question: Why doesnt he do any movies on the big screen? He's outstanding and I'm sure his sweet and charismatic persona will be portrayed in a movie. His movie. A movie I will definitely see. Probably see so many times that I wont have time to see anything else. He's so beautiful and talented I swear.

    He's done some B-Grade flicks, some which I have seen. And of course, shows that have flopped in the ratings, but Will always manages to grace the screen with his presence and he always manages to make an average-poor show/movie worth seeing. Theres alot of bias here, since I can watch all his movies whether they are good or bad and proudly say "I watched it because of him and I liked it."

    All I wanna say is that this is a guy who is going places and I, along with most of you, can say when he becomes big "I was a fan before he became famous." How cool would that be?

  • Will Estes is a wonderful actor!!!

    Will Estes is a wonderful actor!!! I first saw him in the movie The Dive from Clausen\'s Pier. and he was so great. I think he did a great job playing the role of mike. I also seen him in Blue Ridge Fall. and that was also a great movie. He is one of my favorite actors!!!
  • By reading some quick quotes by Will, it sounds like he is a generally great guy. It's nice to be able to watch someone's work and know that it's not all just a show, but there is some substance under all that make-believe.

    I had just watched "The Dive from Clausen's Pier" and I knew that he was an actor from American Dreams, so I decided to go ahead and look to see maybe what other movies he had been in. Anyways, in my search I came accross some of his quotes from magazines and various clippings, and it turns out that he's old fashioned on his views of women and dating. After I read that, I'm affraid that I will definately be keeping my eye out for this-as far as I can tell-perfect man.
  • Will Estes is a very good looking guy. He should be in more movies. I first saw him in the movie, \"Dive form Clausen\'s Pier.\" He is an awesome actor.

    Will seems like he is very sweet and down to earth in real life. I think he\'s to handsome for Jennifer Love-Hewitt. He should be on more movies.Did I mention he\'s only a year older than I am. If only I could get the chance to meet him. I wonder if he\'s married?
  • Will Estes. What else is there to say except '2 thumbs up'?

    I first saw Will Estes in \"The Secret World of Alex Mack\", playing Hunter Reeves. I had never heard of him until then, not being too much of a \"Lassie\" fan. I found that I would watch it just to see if he was in the episode and had a great stint with the show. He was a talented young man and had hoped to see him in future roles. When I saw Mostow's U-571,a few years ago, I was excited to see him in such a great and powerful movie (not to mention that he was one of the survivors in that movie). He surprised me yet again. He had grown into a more talented actor, and am waiting for his future projects. I think that he is under-utilized and should be in more movies.