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  • An absolute comic genius!


    I became a Will Ferrell fan when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. I loved his sketches, from Celebrity Jeopardy to the Spartans, to his Bush inpersonation. He is great.

    Will Ferrell has the ability to make the most mundane things funny. With just a smirk or a look in his eye, he can be hilarious.

    I was very happy when Will Ferrell was able to become a successful movie actor. Although many of his movies are stupid, or have stupid endings, there isno way that you can watch them without laughing. His movies are almost always guaranteed to make you laugh.

    My favorite Will Ferrell movies are Step Brothers, Megamind, Anchorman, Elf, The Other Guys and Zoolander. I always look forward to a Will Ferrell movie, though I won't lie, a few of them were not good at all. Still, no one is perfect and I admire this man. He is very talented and I enjoy his work.

  • Not that funny.

    I will admit that he was funny on Saturday Night Live. But his solo career has been rather predictable and unfunny. I can't say that I have liked any of his movies as I thought they were all boring and uninteresting. Getting back to his career on SNL, he was really good. I guess that he was one of the best when he was on the show. To be honest, I think he needs to try a drama movie, jut to show his range as an actor. He has never been in a serious movie and I am curious how good an actor he is. Thank you.
  • I love this guy. The craziest comedian actor ever.

    Will Ferrell is my absolute favorite comedian actor. All love every single one of his movies I saw. He was histerical in Talladega Nights, Blades of Glory, and oh the crazy Old School. I've never seen a crazier man. I loved in Talladega Nights where he thought he was on fire and took off his clothes and ran around in his tighty whities yelling for Oprah. And I loved the end when they ran to the finish line too. In Old School it was high -larious when they jumped out the car and grabbed that fat guy and Will Ferrell yelled not to tell any one or he would kill them. Will Ferrell is amazingly funny
  • To be honest, I'm not really sure what to think of this guy.

    Read the summary, it really says it all. But I'll go into detail just for you, because you were one of the select few that chose to read this, as many people just write reviews to level up, and not for public enrichment. That's what I do anyway. On to the review: He is talented, that is relevant. I used to see him as this friendly guy that made you laugh in a friendly non-perverted way, but as I grew older, I also became wiser. When I watched Blades of Glory, I was shocked to see him play a character that was a ver animated sex addict. And it kind of looks like he's going to be somewhat of a perv in this Jackie Moon movie coming to theaters, but most definetly not as bad as he was in Blades of Glory, if that's even possible. I guess nothing's wrong with being a perv, he's really good at it. So if that's his talent, then he should go with it.
  • This guy is crazy! But in a good way.

    Will Ferrel is a very talented and funny actor. Not the best of the funniest, but I enjoy most movies he is in. Will is original. He is always acting the part of a crazy or dumb person, but that what I like about him. I have seen him in Kicking & Screaming, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Elf and some others. I liked Elf a lot. It is one of my favorite movies. I didn't like Anchorman too much. I thought it was boring, but the only reason I watched it was because of Will Ferrell. I will continue to watch Will Ferell movies.
  • Will Ferrell is an actor best known for his appearances on Saturday Night Live.

    Will was born John William on July 16, 1967 in Irvine, California. In high school, he used to do the daily morning announcements in many voices. In 1995, he was a feature cast member on the hit NBC show Saturday Night Live until 2002. On August 12, 2000, Will married actress Viveca Paulin. They have 2 children: two sons Magnus(born on March, 7, 2004) and Mathias(born on December 30, 2006). Will has a brother named Patrick who also co-starred with Will in the 2003 movie Elf. Will's height is 6'3"(1.91m). He is of Irish descent. He is often called by his nickname Wilf. His hit movies have been: Blades of Glory, Elf, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and many more. In Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, his on-screen mother Jane Lynch is actually 7 years older than Will. I think Will is an awesome comedian, I give Will Ferrell an 8.9. Keep up the good work Will Ferrell!
  • I love this guy!

    I love Will Ferrell so so much. He is so absolutely hilarious! He has been in so many good funny movies. Sure he can be a tad bit stupid at times, but this guy is awesome. He definitely has the gift for acting and for comedy. I love him on Saturday Night Live. It is hysterical. He's also wonderful in Elf, Anchorman, Stranger Than Fiction, ....honestly I couldn't name all of his movies that I have really liked. There are a whole bunch of them. Anyways I love Will Ferrell. I think he is one of the funniest comedy actors ever!
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    Funny guy.. excelent actor..
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    SNL has never been the same since he left. That tells you something about his screen presence.
  • Not funny.

    I've just never liked this one. Before I knew who he was, I saw A Night at the Roxbury and since then he's annoyed me greatly. I can't even bring myself to watch anything he makes now. I wanted to see Bewitched until I found out he was in it. He's just not funny one bit and just acts like a goon. He has that "Dude Where's My Car?" idiot act and I don't find that entertaining. Some movies don't even look one bit entertaining whether he's in it or not. They appear to be a waste of money.
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    This guy surpassed Jim Carrey a long time ago when it comes to comedy. Extremely funny guy!
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    Will ferrell has to be one of, maybe even the most original comedian to break onto the big screen in decades, his films vary in style and comedic value, he has produced more than a handfull of amazingly funny films and a few not so funny ones, but it is safe to say will ferrell will be producing these films for a few years to come!
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    Will Ferrell is one of the funniest men on the face of the planet! I guess, for me, it goes: 1.chris farley 2.will ferrell&mike myers are tied lol
  • This SNL former castmate has parlayed his tv success into a successful movie career.

    Will Ferrell is the funniest man in the world in my opinion. He was by far the funniest SNL cast member in the last 15 years. Ferrell was quick to get small roles in movies like night at the roxbury, The ladies man, but his true breakout came when Elf hit the theaters. He then took on the news forum when he did Anchorman. The good thing so far about Ferrell at least for me is that he hasn't worn his act thi yet. With Blades of Glory, he has a chance to yet again tap into the sports realm (the other of course was Ricky Bobby). He is definetly ranked #1 as far as comedians go.
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    He is a great actor. Most of his comedies are very funny and original and though some of his movies are not the best, he does numerous roles and tries out very different things, which is great for an actor of such great quality. I like his style and I like the way he acts around his movies and the chemistry he has with almost every actors makes him stand above a lot others.
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    Will Ferrell is in every comedy there is, wether as a main character, a secondary or as an uncredited character who has no lines and is just walking down the street. He is a very humerous guy who is just great. I think that some of his bests are Old School and Anchorman.
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    Will Ferrell gets better and better as the years go by. By far, his best movie is "Zoolander." Yes, I know he wasn't the main character, but his portrayal of Mugatu was just outstanding.
  • Amazingly funny.

    Will Ferrell is hilarious in every movie he is in. Even if it is a cameo like in wedding crashers. Those are still funny. Everything he does is funny and he always makes me laugh. I think that he is one of the best comedic actors around today. He turns anything he touches into gold, like Elf that was a kids movie but a lot more teenagers and adults went to see it because he made it hilarious. He can do anything from child movies to the very raunchy stuff likd Old School. I love him in every movie he is in.
  • If you ain't first, you're last!

    Talledega Nights is probably my favorite movie! It's a funny movie, with many incredible lines and a good plot. Plus, it is great at poking fun at silly subjects. But that's not all he's done. What about the cheerleader skit? That may have taken off his career. And how bout his other movies? He was a riot in the Producers, as the German, hilarious in Elf, as the elf, or course, and he brought humor into several gloomy scenes in Wedding Crashers. He just always makes something great, better! But why is he always running around in his underewar? lol, Will Ferrel you are one funny hombre!
  • The funniest person alive!!

    Will Ferrell is by far one of the funniest people alive. He can be funny at anything he is in. All of his movies and SNL sketches are hiliarious. Anchorman and Ricky Bobby are two of the best movies ever. I can\'t wait for his skating movie with Jon Heder. That idea just sounds funny. I\'m sure he will have many roles too come. He is probaly the one actor that can do practicly the same role every time and it never gets old. Will Ferrell is an awsome guy but he does have a very nasty body! haha
  • He's definitely working his was up there with Bill Murray and Robin Williams

    Will Ferrell is hilarious he never fails to make me laugh. What I like best about him is when he does a role he goes ALL
    the way he reaches for the mountain top.

    I've seen a majority of his stuff, I'll see practically anything with Will Ferrell in it he's so great!

    I hope to see him in some other great stuff. Who knows maybe his son will take after him chances are he's not, but if he does I'm sure he;'ll inherit his father's talent.

    Will is the best and I'll continue watching his movies, and performances on SNL. Keep it up Will!
  • Hilarious, great actor.

    Will Ferrell is hilarious! He is currently one of my favorite actors. He kept me laughing the entire time in anchorman, I loved him in Elf, and kicking and screaming. If I see that a movie has him in it, I automatically want to see it. He is pretty much great with anything that he does. I can watch his movies over and over, and laugh every time. Who could forget Night at the Roxbury? Really funny. Anchorman is definatly my favorite movie of his. I think he is a great, and really funny actor. I can't wait to see what he does next!
  • He is funny, but sometimes annoying.

    Now, I know many users are probally going to disagree with this review. I think he is a good actor. I think he is funny. I also think he can sometimes be very annoying. I don't really know why I think he is annoying, maybe because in some of his movies he overacts and gets a little too funny for me. But... Of course, I somehow think he is a good actor. So, here is my deal with you guys... He is an OK actor. I kinda gave him a nice mark, too. This review DOSE NOT mean I hate him, so don't disagree, only if you realy disagree with this review. He is an OK actor, But NOT my favorite.

    I mean I do think his an idiot but I also think his pretty funny. I really liked him in Elf I thought he was hilarious. My friend hates him. But like his not my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, but his defenatly up there. I think he is in to many movies but other the that his pretty good.
  • Who can forget ze cowbell!?!?!?!

    Will is a great actor and I get the sense that he is cool to just hang out with. Just saw him on HBO in kicking and screaming and that was very funny. My all-time favorite Ferrell movie would have to be A Night At The Roxbury. Him and Chris Kattan couldn't have been better. Now this movie wasn't for everybody but it was for me. He is funny. Old school was ehhhh. He was pretty good in Superstar. I'm happy that his carrer didn't follow like many SNLers who left for a better carrer (good luck Tina Fey). Now I just want some more cowbell!
  • A hilarious actor that has a number of movies.

    I love every movie Will Ferrell has ever been in. Except maybe bewitched, but that was a flop, and i still loved will, even if i didnt love the movies. In another review i wrote that he was in my favorite seasons of Saturday Night Live, which is completely true. I love Anchorman, especially beacuse of his co star, Steve Carell. I also LOVED Elf. The story line was ehh but the facial expressions were to die for! Kicking and Screaming was also another great one, but a little too much physical humor. Will Ferrell is really an actor that everyone should love.
  • Funny.

    Will Ferrell is definetely one of the most humorous actors I have ever witnessed in movies and in television. He has a very unique and dignified sense of humor that will just make you want to hug him. He is adorable and just knows how to make people laugh. There is nothing I get joy out of more than watching him whenever he appears on Saturday Night live. Not to mention how amazing of an actor he has been in nearly all of his movies. Especially in Anchorman. I don't think I have ever met someone who hasn't laughed while watching that movie. Will Ferrell is truly and amazing actor.
  • This guy can make you laugh to hard, you'll die.

    Will Ferrell was awesome in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. That movie had to be one of the best movies i have ever seen. Every part of it is funny. They picked the right guy to act in Anchorman. That is why it is rank number thirty here on tv.com. This guy is one of the best.
  • Will Ferrell is funny as Heck!

    I don't even know where to start! I guess I first loved him when he was on Saturday Night Live. He was absolutely hilarious! I especially liked Deep Thoughts By Jack Handy. He is a great actor and a great comedian! He is in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Anchorman, Superstar, Wedding Crashers, and tons more movies. I love the Oblongs and he is the voice of Bob. He is a funny funny funny man! 1000/10.
  • Why...WHY!?

    Why oh why did he have to wreck his career with Bewitched and Kicking and Screaming!? He used to be so good, but I've lost entusiasm for him since then. Sigh... It sucks! He DID kick-ass in SNL. I especially love the celebrity jepardies with him as Alex Trebec. Oh well...
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