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  • An absolute comic genius!


    I became a Will Ferrell fan when he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. I loved his sketches, from Celebrity Jeopardy to the Spartans, to his Bush inpersonation. He is great.

    Will Ferrell has the ability to make the most mundane things funny. With just a smirk or a look in his eye, he can be hilarious.

    I was very happy when Will Ferrell was able to become a successful movie actor. Although many of his movies are stupid, or have stupid endings, there isno way that you can watch them without laughing. His movies are almost always guaranteed to make you laugh.

    My favorite Will Ferrell movies are Step Brothers, Megamind, Anchorman, Elf, The Other Guys and Zoolander. I always look forward to a Will Ferrell movie, though I won't lie, a few of them were not good at all. Still, no one is perfect and I admire this man. He is very talented and I enjoy his work.