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    • Will: The on-camera side of the industry isn't as fun anymore – it's definitely not the same as when I started. I'm now more established in the voiceover world, and I get to do it in a far more fun, more fulfilling way.

    • Will Friedle: (when asked if he'll go back to on-camera rolls) I'm definitely done with the on camera stuff. I started at 10 on stage, and by 11 I was on my first show. I was on television from 11 to 30. I just said to myself that this has been great and amazing. But it's time to do something else. So I hit 30 and said, "I'm pretty much done with the on-camera stuff." And the voice over stuff is so much fun.

    • Will Friedle: You know, I'm just looking to make as many people laugh as I possibly can, and I don't really have my heart set on any one thing. I want to go out there and I want to do the best work that I can, and I want to be in this business as long as this business will have me. And I want to kind of go from there.

    • Will Friedle: (on the funniest scene in "National Lampoon's Gold Diggers") I'd have to say the funniest scene that I shot was the honeymoon scene with myself and Renee Taylor. It was one of those scenes where everybody on the set was laughing all day long. We just had such a blast.

    • Will Friedle: (When asked about his favorite cheese in a 2001 online chat) American. Good old fashioned American. If it doesn't come individually wrapped, it ain't cheese. PS The stuff in the can is good too.

    • Will Friedle: (On the benefits of voice acting over live acting) Well, you get certain benefits like you don't have to get dressed up, you don't have to wear makeup, you can come as you are to go in there and sit down. But some of the other benefits are, truly, that doing Batman and Kim Possible, I've gotten to work with some of the most amazing people. When we did Batman: Return of the Joker, the Joker is played by Mark Hamill, so I got to sit next to Mark Hamill for two straight weeks. And I had the honor and privilege of working with John Ritter. And getting to meet people that I've admired my entire life, and getting to meet them in such a way where they're coming in to play completely different characters than I had ever seen them do is just wonderful. And not to mention all the directors that I've had the opportunity to work with are fantastic. And I think, especially in the last ten years, the writing on animated shows has just jumped by leaps and bounds. I'd like to do voice-overs my whole life. I'm genuinely excited every time I get a script, and get to kind of create a character and go in and play.

    • Will Friedle: It's funny, I get two things a lot. I get, "Can you do Ron Stoppable and say, 'Booyah'?" and the other one is, "Do the Feeny Call," which is what everybody says. And you know, these are people that kept us on the air. These are our fans, that were just the most loyal, amazing people you would ever meet in your life. We had one family that came to every taping for six years. I mean, we just had the most loyal, wonderful people behind us. When someone comes up and says, "Can you do the Feeny Call?" I don't mind. You get a lot of actors that are like, [lowers voice to a grumble] "Oh, no, that was a character I was playing..." It's like, you know, I don't care, it makes them laugh! Occasionally, maybe once a month, I get somebody who asks me to do the Feeny Call, and I have no problems.

    • Will Friedle: (When asked about the writers of Kim Possible) Man, the guys, Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley, are just...they're fantastic writers. I'm very proud of Kim Possible. Some of the voice-over actors I've had an opportunity to work with are just so talented. Nancy Cartwright and John Di Maggio, who plays Dr. Drakken--these people are just geniuses.