Will Makar





3/2/1989 , The Woodlands,Texas, USA

Birth Name

William John Hudson Makar




Will Makar went to Austin, Texas one day to try out for the 2006 season of American Idol. The judges loved him and put hom through all the way to the Top 24. His first live performance was Jackson 5's "I want You Back," which wowed the crowd. He made the Top 20, which meant he would have more fame. The next week, he did Kenny Rogers' "Lady." All Simon had to say was "Your main audience is 11 year old girls." Simon's protest did not work, because he made the cut. The following week, he sang James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You," where Simon once again told him that 11 year old girls love him. That week was his last. Leaving Idol didn't mean the end of his career. Doors have been opening for him ever since he was voted off Idol. He's sang at an Astors game, had his own concert at Mucky Ducks, in Houston, performed in the Fourth of July with Houstons Symphony, and much more. His most recent work was being part of a Texas tour called: "Superstars Idols Live", wich him and other Idols were part of, such as: Justin Guarini, Melissa McGhee, Kevin Covais, William Hung, to name some. With that talent, Will's career looks bright.
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