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    • Willa: (about posing for PLAYBOY) If someone had asked me three years ago, I would have said no. I think I just got to a point where I am very comfortable with my body and who I am. One day, I'm going to be 40 years old and I'm not going to look like this anymore. No offense to anybody, but its one thing to be a Playmate and that be your career. To me, it's another thing to be asked as a guest to pose in the magazine on your own terms. It was really flattering to me. I took the opportunity. I don't really care what everybody thinks and says.

    • Willa: Women, especially, either have one of two views of Playboy. It's either, 'Ewe, gross. What a skank,' or it's, 'More power to her.' I think as soon as women get off their high horse and realize that our bodies are our weapon...men don't have this...they don't look like this naked. I'm the first to say, 'That chick's hot,' instead of going, 'What is she thinking?'" Everybody who says, 'I'd never do it.' Bull crap. Let's talk about the money they put on the table. Let's talk about the fact that you have those pictures for life. More importantly for me, once you do the magazine, it puts you in the black book for life.

    • Willa: It's our sexuality, our one weapon that a man doesn't have, so you can take him down to size in an instant. I couldn't imagine not being a female, being able to just go into a club, and just work it, and control the situation.