Willa Holland

Willa Holland


6/18/1991, Los Angeles, California, USA

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Willa Joanna Chance Holland


  • Willa Holland on Arrow Season 1.
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Famous for her roles as Kaitlin Cooper, the rebellious younger sister of Marissa (Mischa Barton), on The O.C. and as Agnes Andrews, the hard-partying teen model friend of Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) on Gossip Girl, Willa Holland has positioned herself as a young talent to watch in Hollywood.



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    • Willa: (on her role as Thea Queen in Arrow) We want to develop the characters for a nice length of time, before we take them out of this world and throw them into another.

    • Willa: (on growing up to fast) I spent a lot of time putting myself back into being a kid again. I [had been] forcing myself to grow up a lot.

    • Willa: I was literally non-stop for three or four years from about [the age of] 14 to about 18, 19, and then right before I turned 20 I was like, 'I need a break.'

    • Willa: (on her role as Kaitlin in the TV series The O.C.) I think I was right there in that stage of life where Kaitlin was. It was very obvious to me why I got cast in that role at that time.

    • Willa: (on her experience living in Hollywood) I think that living in Hollywood my whole life has helped hone that. I've dealt with a lot in my 21 years.

    • Willa: I do get called an old soul a lot

    • Willa: (on who she would like to work with, in movies) I'd love to work with Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp or Dick Van Dyke.

    • Willa: (on her role in the TV series The O.C.) I was the happiest person on earth. I'm a huge, huge, huge O.C. fan.

    • Willa: (on her role in Tiger Eyes (2012), an adaption from a Judy Blume's novel with the same name) I was really quite honored to be the first person to play one of her characters on-screen--especially one of her biggest and most notable ones. You can't be a '90s baby without reading one of Judy Blume's books. It was fun, and a whole new experience for me.

    • Willa: (on her bad high school experience) In all honesty, I only went to high school for about six weeks, partly because I got a job and also because I just didn't get along with high school too well. I got bullied, and just didn't have a good school experience throughout.

    • Willa: (on how she is in real life) I'm really laid back—or I like to think so, anyway! I don't go out much, and my ideal day is laying out by the pool with a Dr. Pepper in my hand.

    • Willa: Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard

    • Willa: I couldn't stand high school! I knew the first day I got there I wanted to leave. It just wasn't for me. It wasn't the place I was suppose to be.

    • Willa: Milk and cookies - I love them! I vary in cookie brands - I don't really pay too much attention to them - and I love milk.

    • Willa: For an actor, I am actually a really bad movie watcher. I should have seen every film out there, but oddly I have not.

    • Willa: (on her style) I go with the mantra 'what feels good, looks good'. I like long floaty clothes that don't restrict me, and I live in flat boots. I love Sienna Miller's look, especially when she went all 1960s after filming Factory Girl.

    • Willa: When I was little, one and two, I used to sit in front of the TV and my mom told me I would point to the TV and be like, 'That's what I want to do.'

    • Willa: (on having Brian De Palma for a step-dad) It's great because I know I have somebody that knows what he's talking about supporting me. He never pushed me into this, and he never pushed me out of it. He just always let me do what I wanted to do. He's let me know that no matter what decision I make, he'd always support me through all of this. He's always given me advice about how to stay true and how to not get corrupted by all this stuff that happens in Hollywood.

    • Willa: (on dealing with the paparazzi) Thank the Lord I don't. I'm dreading the day. I've been with friends who've had to deal with it and it's most annoying thing on the planet. I'm not at the tabloid point of my career.

    • Willa: I've met girls who have done the craziest things in their life and they are my age. Girls getting pregnant at 16 and 17! It's the most insane thing in the world. I'm mortified of getting jaded by it all. I always need to get myself out of L.A. for a month or two and relax somewhere else.

    • Willa: (on taking advice from other people) My goal is to keep my head on shoulders and my feet on the ground. Any constructive criticism I always take advantage of.

    • Willa: (on being drawn to more complex characters) I'm drawn to more realistic things in life, to real people. I like putting myself in the shoes of others. It's very hard for me [to imagine being] in unrealistic shoes like a superhero because that's not something that actually exists.

    • Willa: (on her role as Kaitlin on The O.C.) It's so much fun to play the bad girl, everybody has that little side of them they never really get to get out.

    • Willa: (about working with co-star Mischa Barton on The O.C.) Whenever Mischa walks into a room, she just looks phenomenal. You can't help but get a little inspiration from her.

    • Willa: I couldn't stand high school! I knew the first day I got there I wanted to leave. It just wasn't for me. It wasn't the place I was suppose to be.

    • Willa: I'm the clumsiest person on the planet. I trip all over the place. I'm not too hand-eye coordinated.

    • Willa: (on her favourite TV show South Park). I've been watching it for so long, I can't not watch it - I'm addicted! I can't get over the four kids; they're the funniest things on the planet. Every episode makes fun of something that shouldn't be made fun of - and that's a complete joke.

  • Thea on Arrow

    LUV HER!!! She really straighten up in the end of season 1!!!! She has a good heart and always tries to do the right thing!!! Willa ROCKS!!!
  • Anchoring the Arrow

    Of all characters on the too-comix new version of [Green] Arrow, Kaitlin even when going off unexplainable is fairly well sold (in psite of poor writing) as the character I count on to bring some believability to the show. In fact, at no point is Stephen Emel's portrayal as strong as when he is "on stage" with Willa. Here's hoping her roll and her character are expanded continuously... as I think the show may eventually need it.moreless