Willem Dafoe





7/22/1955 , Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

Birth Name

William Dafoe




Willem Dafoe is an American actor with two Academy Award nominations under his belt. Dafoe was born in Appleton, Wisconsin and studied acting at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. The actor soon moved to New York and became a founding member of a well-known theater company named The Wooster Group that has launched the carriers of many stage actors. In 1981, Dafoe made his film debut as a cowboy in the western, Heaven's Gate, but director Michael Cimino unaccredited his work after editing Dafoe's character out of the film. The actor's stardom began to rise after playing the villain in Walter Hill's, Streets of Fire, which lead to a supporting role the thriller To Live and Die in LA. Dafoe's first Oscar nomination came from his work in Oliver Stone's war film, Platoon. The actor earned a second Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor after playing Count Dracula in the horror film Shadow of the Vampire. The star earned only small and insignificant roles during the 90s, but Dafoe managed to reignite his career in 2002 after playing the Green Goblin in Spiderman, which led to award-winning roles well into 2011.