William Allen Young

William Allen Young


1/24/1953, Washington, D.C., USA

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William Allen Young shows the world that he is not only a talented actor and performer, but a philanthropist of sorts. Overcoming a physical restraint in childhood, he has proven himself able to handle whatever life throws at him. Not only does he handle it, he manages to…more


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    • He plans to produce his screenplay "Facing the Enemy" via his banner company, Sundown Productions.

    • He has studied and performed in several places abroad, including France, Sri Lanka, Italy, Austria, and Russia.

    • At age 15, he received a scholarship to study at the Inner City Acting Academy with Beah Richards. Later, he was able to study under the guidance of his mentor, the actor and director John Houseman.

    • The National Forensic Association has twice rated him the "Top Collegiate Speaker in the Nation."

    • Young has received several awards for his charity work, including the NAACP's "Outstanding Social Achievement Award," the "Humanitarian Service Award" for his years of work with disabled children, and the National Organization of Women at Work's 1997 "Man of the Year" honor.

    • In 1985, he and his family created The Young Foundation, which mentors and provides scholarships for disadvantaged youth to encourage them to continue their education after high school.

    • He has co-written several screenplays, including Facing the Enemy, which was a Best American Screenplays finalist.

    • He holds a bachelor's degree in rhetoric, and a master's degree in sociolinguistics.

    • He began acting at the age of 13 to improve his self-esteem.

    • He was born with a foot deformity that required him to wear orthopedic shoes during most of his early childhood.

    • He was raised in south central Los Angeles.

    • He is the third of seven children.

    • He is a friend of and mentored writer/actor Garland Lucas Hardeman II.

    • He is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated.

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