William B. Davis





1/13/1938 , Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Birth Name

William Bruce Davis




William Bruce Davis, sometimes nicknamed Bill, was born in Toronto, Ontario on January 13, 1938. He receieved his first taste in acting at the age of 11 when a murder mystery play for a summer stock festival was done by his cousins. After that performance, he didn't look back; he had found his passion in life. He attended the University of Toronto for his education, and graduated with a BA in Philosophy in 1959. From here he was lucky enough to be invited to attend the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. He took part in various stage productions there, before he joined Britain's National Theatre, where he worked alongside top British actors, including Maggie Smith and Lawrence Olivier, though he was only there for around a year before returning to Canada, where he commenced his acting career on television and movies, appearing in supporting roles.

When he is not acting, William is an avid water-skier and snow-skier, having won the Canadian National Water-skiing Competition numerous times in his division.

He became a drama professor, before opening the "William Davis Centre For Actor's Study", which is an acting school for all potential actors, from beginners to professionals.

In 1993 he signed on for a minor supporting role in a new television show, playing the character that would make him famous. The show was The X Files, and the character was unnamed, simply referred to as "The Cigarette Smoking Man", or "Cancer Man", as he was always seen smoking a cigarette. In real life, William had been a smoker, though he had quit a few years beforehand. He was given the choice to take normal or herbal cigarettes, and stating that as he was an actor he would use the real ones. However, it didn't take long for the addiction to come back, and he would anticipate his next call-up for another episode, so he could smoke again. Realising what was happening, he opted for the herbal cigarettes. He remained a constant figure in the show for much of its run, though not appearing in that many episodes, considering the importance of his character. He even wrote one of the show's episodes; "En Ami", which delved further into his character.

William is married, has two daughters and he currently lives in Vancouver.