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  • Trivia

    • Besides producing, William has written an episode of The X-Files, the short films Exchange and Packing Up, and seven episodes of 49th and Main, including the pilot episode.

    • William once claimed that his character, The Cigarette Smoking Man, was the hero of The X-Files.

    • As of 2006, William is training with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club Masters Team.

    • William has skied for his whole life, and since his 30s he has been a masters racer.

    • As of 2006, William is the Men's 7 Canadian national champion, as well as the Canadian record holder for 65 to 70 year olds, in water-skiing.

    • William commenced water-skiing competitively when he was in his 30s.

    • William has worked as an Executive Producer for the show 49th And Main.

    • His work as a producer commenced with Exchange and Packing Up, both short films.

    • William commenced his major work as an Artistic Director in the theatre.

    • He began directing theatre productions at university when another student, who was directing a play, wished to have his assistance. The other student pulled out of the production, and William carried on.

    • William stars as the mysterious Wealthy Gentleman in his own series called 49th And Main.

    • Spring 2006 saw William working on five separate projects, four for Insight Films and one for Masters Of Science Fiction.

    • In the 1960s and 70s, William worked as a theatre director and acting teacher.

    • In the early 1950s, William was involved with radio drama for CBC.

    • Despite starring in The X Files, William is a self-confessed fan of the show and watched it reguarly. "Talitha Cumi" and "Two Fathers" are his favourite episodes, along with "En Ami"; the episode he wrote.

    • William is also a certified downhill ski instructor, another one of his passions in life.

    • William is a Canadian national champion water-skier for his age group.

    • He was a smoker, but had quit before his role on The X Files. However his addiction returned when he smoked on set for the role, prompting him to switch to herbal cigarettes.

    • William is a spokesman for the Canadian Cancer Society.

    • Though he is credited as having appeared in The Dead Zone movie, he says that he can't even find himself in it.

    • Davis admitted that his character of CGB Spender on The X-Files was the Devil. He also called himself "Lucifer."

    • Performed in some other science fiction series like Sliders, Poltergeist and The Outer Limits.

    • He is married.

    • In X-files, his character of CGB Spender smokes cigarettes from the brand Morley.

    • His favorite X-Files episode is "Talitha Cumi" (3.24).

    • Former drama professor at Bishop's University, Canada, before opening up William Davis Centre for Acting Study.

    • Wrote the episode "En Ami" (# 7.15) 3/19/2000, which delved into the history of his character, The Cigarette-Smoking Man.

    • Formerly owned and operated the Vancouver-based William Davis Centre for Actors' Study, an acting school for beginners and professionals.

  • Quotes

    • William: I may be 68 but I still haven't decided what to do when I grow up. You will see that I am an actor, a director, a teacher, a writer, a producer, and a skier.