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  • William Conrad's voice was known by a generation of chldren and their parents.

    William Conrad's incredibly eventful career took him from radio to directing movies to starring in his own television shows. As talented a voice actor as we may ever know, he made a name for himself in the radio industry at a time when the radio dramas, once the entertainment of the masses, was on its way out. He played Marshal Matt Dillon to perfection, as long as the public could use their imaginations to see him as the tall and dashing town sheriff. In reality he was balding and overweight, though he didn't let that stop him from starring as Cannon, a detective who was a ladies man. Throughout his career he would continue to be drawn back into using his wonderful voice, narrating series such as Rocky and Bullwinkle and The Fugitive. His voice was perfect for this work, being smooth and not so flashy as to draw attention.