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William Corkery

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William Corkery is a child voice actor. He was most well known as the offical voice of Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog series from Sonic Heroes to Sonic Advance 3.


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  • I did Beauty and the Beast with him.

    I did Beaut and the Beast with him at Young Actors Theater. I was Cogsworth and he was one of the townspersons. He didi a great job singing his solo in the song where the prepare to kill the beast. He also had a few lines. He's a great kid and I talk to him every now and again via e-mail. We had a lot of fun. I will send him to this page to see what you guys said about him so If you want him to read anything more write it down soon.

    Oh and he was also on Veronica mars and Drake and Josh.moreless
  • To be honest, I think he is extremely talented

    Lots of people hated this voice and preferred the other voices, but I find this one to be my favourite. I loved the way he sounded like a kid in Sonic Heroes, and despite the constant bashing that game had, it was certainly a great game and William hit the nail on the head and actually nailed Tails' voice.

    Next to Ryan Drummond, he is another of my all-time favourite voice actorsmoreless