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  • Feeny!

    Whilst I only know him as Mr. Feeny on Boy Meets World {and Knight Rider? only reason i know that is he was on a Simpsons episode or two ;)}, but the man is funny. He is a very funny and talented actor, and I wish I knew more roles he was in, because I think he is very talented. His role as Feeny is definitely one of my favorites on the show. My score for him is a 10, and I would give him an A+. Simply one of my favorite actors on Television, from the 90's for sure
  • Williams Daniels has been a powerful presence in live theatre as well as films and on television. Even if the material was lacking, Mr. Daniels' performance was always excellent.

    The first time I recall seeing William Daniels was on Broadway when he played John Adams in the musical "1776." I was a silly teenager back then, herded with my high school classmates to the show. To this day I recall Mr. Daniels' performance and how quickly those 2-plus hours passed as the delegates wrangled over the wording of the Declaration of Independence and finally got it signed. Fairly soon after that, I went overseas to university and ended up staying in Germany for 29 years, so I missed his performances in various TV shows. Unless a certain series was broadcast on the American Forces Network (AKA "AFN"), I didn't get to see it.

    Fast forward to the debut of "St. Elsewhere" which found me in the Army and stationed @ Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I was pleased to see Mr. Daniels again, this time as Dr. Mark Craig, the irrascible surgeon at St. Eligius Hospital in Boston. After the first season ended, I was posted to Germany and got to see it all over again when AFN picked it up for broadcast.

    I used to date a surgeon such as Mark Craig, so it was deja vu as I watched season after season go by and Mr. Daniels grow into the part more and more. To me, no one else could portray Mark Craig other than William Daniels - just like I can't imagine Miles Drentell on "thirtysomething" played by anyone other than David Clennon or "Rocket" Romano on "ER" by Paul McCrane.

    William Daniels showed the human side of Mark Craig, which, granted, didn't pop up too much, but when it did, wow! Dr. Craig could be sentimental, tender, and funny. He could also be scornful, arrogant and incredibly stubborn. William Daniels made the role his own and ran with it, which garnered him Emmy recognition for his efforts.

    To show that the actor has a sense of humor, he also voiced the "KITT" car on "Knight Rider,"who just about always bested Michael Knight in a battle of wits. Then again, Michael wasn't really armed, was he?

    I've seen William Daniels in other productions, some on stage, some on film, and I like him best as Dr. Mark Craig. If I hadn't had that surgeon boyfriend, perhaps I'd not think that way.
  • A talented and versitile actor

    William Daniels is a prime example of a professional character actor. He is excellent in everything he does. I have seen him in both comedy and drama. He deservedly won two Emmys for his portrayal of Dr. Mark Craig in St. Elsewhere. He made a somewhat unlikeable character likeable. Mark Craig was grumpy and hard to please when it came to the interns who studied under him, but he was always kind and understanding to the patients, and seeing him at home with his wife showed us another, softer side to him. As George Feeny in Boy Meets World, Daniels brought stability to a cast of young actors, holding it all together. Mr. Feeny was always the voice of reason, and almost everybody went to him with their problems. These two characters were totally different, but William Daniels brought life and substance to them both.
  • Great and funny!

    I really loved him as both the arrogant and heartless
    Dr Mark in St Elsewhere and also very funny and sweet
    As KITT from Knight Rider. Also loved him in Boy
    Meets World as he is the principal with a heart in the show
    Very talented but underused as well as also very funny indeed!
  • funny funny

    i think Mr. Fenny is one of the funniest principals ever and I love his character on boy meets world!!! i love how he (well actually Mr. Feeny not William Daniels :)) has such a close relationship with cory and the gang. its so cute how he keeps coming on screen with his wife as being married to her or liking her. i dodnt know that before but i love it!!! well, anyway, mr. feeny rocks and i gotta make this review 100 words so just bear with me... oh btw i loved mr. feeny's last scene in the last episode - how once they all left he said (with true feeling) "i love you all. class dismissed" it was so bittersweet!