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  • A bigger asshole can't be found

    I know him only from the tv commercials and a more smug, loathsome, and detestable individual cannot be found. I hope he dies soon
  • Is this William Devane in an old retro cat food commercial?

    Found this on YouTube... 13RMQ

    It looks like William. The facial expression and setting of the mouth in particular. One of my favorite old shows he did was Missiles of October, which aired in two evenings I believed (way back when). He and Martin Sheen did an excellent job of playing the Kennedy brothers. The entire casting was perfect actually - and I watched it again recently.

    Anyway - can anyone confirm that this commercial was him? Thanks!

    In case they won't post links, you'd have to search for retro commercial, Puss N Boots, talking cat. And I hope you can find the right one.
  • Great actor

    He does a gerat job on 24. Will mss him.
  • great actor...

    William Devane is a very good actor and it is sad that he has not had more roles in movies and tv. Anyways, he does a great job as political leaders. I've seen him as the president in Stargate SG-1 and he did an amazing job. He was a natural. I've also seen him as the Secretary of ...well, I forgot what he was the secretary of...Anyways, he was amazing as that also. The only thing about him is that I can't see him playing anyone other than a political character. He's just made out to play that. Oh well, he's an amazing actor and I can't wait to see him in more roles.
  • Review

    I only know William for his work on 24, which is really the only show you would ever have to watch him in to see how amazing of an actor he is. Being able to play the Secretary of Defense isnt something that anyone could do and I think that William did it to perfection in a star role in Season 4 and recurring there after. I thought the scenes with him being held captives by terrorists was amazing and I hope to see more of his work on 24 in the seventh season, even though it seems that Audrey and her father are now simply just a thing in the shows past. Great actor, couldnt hold up a show because of his age but is certainly a good co-star.
  • Awesome!

    He absolutely does everything! he writes, acts, and directs. He does it all! He not only is a great actor especially where I know him best on 24 which was a perfect role for him! He was absolutely great on 24, I know I am going to focus on his role on 24 other than all the other things that he has done in his carrier but I just cant get over how great he was at 24! His role in 24 was really hard to play because he had to convey so many different emotions all at the same time because he either had to be calm and secure when he was talking to the people of the united states or he was really upset because his daughter had gotten kidnapped. 24 was just perfect for him! I hope he keeps writing/ directing films because that is definitely his strong point, along with acting this guy is a real powerhouse!
  • He makes you believe

    What ever character William Devane plays he makes you believe in the character. He is so comfortable and relaxed in any position he plays. That is the importance of a great actress or actor. They make you love them when they play a good part and hate them when they are the bad guy. William Devane is one of those kind of actors.