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    • Faulkner's writing style was the focus of the Faux Faulkner awards, started in 1990, a contest in which people could send in their versions of how Faulkner would have written about particular people and situations. It continued through 2005, when it's then corporate sponsor, United Airlines, would publish the winners in their in-flight magazine, Hemispheres, provided free to travelers on their planes. That year, a parody of the Bush Administration modeled after Faulkner's The Sound And The Fury, entitled, "The Administration And The Fury," written by Sam Apple, attracted a great deal of controversy in both it's subject matter and United's decision to publish it on their website, rather than the magazine itself, which led many to believe United was practicing corporate censorship of freedom of speech. The contest has not been held since, and it is unclear whether United will remain a sponsor at this point in time.