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  • Love him and Went, both great combination.

    I am so trill that he never got kill in the show because he is the best...he is the real deal.
    Is been great the turn that his roll took from a bad guy to one of the team including Went and Dominic.
    The producers of this talented show are the real thing.
    I hope we have prison break seasons for long.
    Please keep William til the end, love his job in this show and everything he does. Hope in the new episodes he gets back with his wife. He deserves to be happy after all the bad things with his kid.
  • Awesome actor, especially in "Prison Break"

    Oh my god, what can I say about this man? He is awesome, in everything I watch what he is in. He is an awesome actor, on of the best around. He is extremely talented, and I love him especially in "Prison Break", he plays "Mahone" and he is just mind blowing, I love him he made season two and three amazing. I love the way he is a bad guy but you just got to love him for it. As many would agree with me, in "Prison Break" he is the best. I have also seen him in many films, and one of my favourite is "The Longest Yard" he is awesome in that movie too. But my god he is such and awesome actor, that whys I am giving him 10 out of 100 because I love him so much! Amazing actor, and he should be in more films, I would say tv shows but I want him to stay in Prison Break for ever.
  • Give him an award!

    Excellent..fabulous...What an awesome actor!! He plays the good, the bad and the ugly soooooooooo well! He is one of my favorite actor!! He`s awesome...really talented!! The way he plays the junkie....WOW!!! I`m really looking forward for more from this actor! I hope he will once again be great in the sure to be mind blowing season 3 of prison break! Give the guy an Emmy or whatever award he deserves it. I remember seeing him in Equilibrium first, then he was outstanding in Invasion. In prison break, he is mind blowing. Brilliant acting. From the typical Fbi agent..to the crazy guy....to the family guy...to the smart guy...to the drug addict....to the sick inmate. Makes his character become alive. Amazing actor.
  • When you look up the word actor in the dictionary, I believe you will find a picture of William Fichtner. His range is unbelievable. Who needs to be a big movie star, when you can really act and be brilliant in your craft.

    William Fichtner is one of those actors that you cannot help noticing in a scene, whether he is speaking a part or just standing around going through whatever emotion the scene requires. PB made an excellent move in banking on William Fichtner to pull off the character of Mahone. As many have said, you want to hate him, but you cannot. Fichtner plays Mahone in a realistic manner. He's was a good person, who got into a bad situation and he's not quite sure how to get out of it. Whenever another actor is in a scene with Fichtner, they have to raise their game another level. The scenes between him and Miller maybe short in sequence but leave you with a lasting impact for the entire episode. I forgot all about the head in the box after Fichtner's and Miller's scene in Good Fences. Even when Fichtner played on ATWT, he showed glimpse of brilliance. How else could fans sympathize with a rapist? I hope to continue to see the character of Mahone in more scenes and maybe one episode see the writers explore in a flashback what really did happen with Oscar Shales.
  • William Fichtner is outstanding in his role as Agent Mahone in Prison Break.

    Since the introduction of William's character on the series Prison Break, we have seen him go from the standard suit and tie FBI agent to a much darker, drug addicted, imprisoned murderer. Quite a transition. William portrays this character in a way that makes you dislike him, but feel somewhat sorry for him at the same time. He starts out as a "catch them any way you can" kind of agent. Intense, clever, determined, and never more than a step behind the escaped prisoners he is assigned to capture. Over time we discover that his character is anything but the standard agent, deeply flawed, he flounders when another character discovers the secret he has buried in his own backyard. He is manipulated into the murder of some of the escapees, all the while trying to protect his family, as he struggles with a drug addiction, and a situation he can no longer control. All of the emotions that go along with his situation play out across his face and in his actions with an intensity and believability that leave me in awe. He has given a life and personality to this character that will stick in the memory of anyone that has the pleasure of seeing him in this role.
  • One of the best tv actors at the moment.

    While watching Invasion, I realized for first time how good is William Fichtner as actor. Even if a lot of people say he is pretty bad, always acting as a crazy man and when he comes in a tv show it means the show is gonna end, I think his characters are really good. For example, in Prison Break, the most recent char, he is a great schizophrenic policeman, how cold he is and how nervous he suddenly becomes when he needs his medication. I have watched some movies only because he was in the cast, like Crash (here he appears only a couple of minutes), Black Hawk Down, and also I became really surprised when I saw him at Equilibrium. Maybe he was not acting as good as in Prison Break, but I prefer him instead of a huge list of actors.
  • Crazy chracter but good.

    The guy is crazy, so he comes in Season 2 of Prison Break and is the one who is supposed to bring in all of Fox River's escapes well so we think, but it turns out there is a lot more to him then we know, he has killed Prisoners before without other people knowing and he is on a mission to do the same to all that have escaped Fox River. But as the Season goes on we see Mahone's true colors in the end and he can't kill Michael or Linc so he ends up paying for it so to speak.
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    The guy is crazy, so he comes in Season 2 of Prison Break and is the one who is supposed to bring in all of Fox River's escapes well so we think, but it turns out there is a lot more to him then we know, he has killed Prisoners before without other people knowing and he is on a mission to do the same to all that have escaped Fox River. But as the Season goes on we see Mahone's true colors in the end and he can't kill Michael or Linc so he ends up paying for it so to speak.
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    William Fichtner added this amazing yet different character to Prison Break. He is the equvilance to Scofield in terms of smartness and how they think. I look forward to him having a breakdown in the show, well his character. It must be hard for him to play an FBI agent with sich problems but he does a perfect job of it!
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    Of all the characters on "Prison Break," William has to be my favorite one. He is also a fantastic actor outside of the show having appeared in movies such as "Pearl Harbor," "Armageddon" and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."
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    His style is really cool and his character in Prison Break is the perfect antagonist of Michael. He is one of the greatest actors that I've seen, and he has appeared in a lot of awesome movies. He is great, and I think that he has a great career. He will make excellent villains due to the way he acts. He is great!
  • Great actor with lots of potential!

    I hope that he will become a more bigger name
    Star when he joins the Prison Break cast and that
    He has a lot of potential. Despite knowing his face but
    Definately not knowing his name, here's hoping and praying that will change for him.
    He can play anything as one reviewer says!
  • Provides a very commanding presence in his roles.

    I love william fichtner for his appearances in blockbuster movies such as armageddon, blackhawk down, pearl harbor etc. Now he appears in Invasion as a local sheriff of a small town situated along the florida everglades. The character of Sheriff Tom Underlay is a very compelling role. Fichtner portrays the character with a very strong presence that we normally see in his roles in movies such as armageddon and blackhawk down. He plays a very powerful lead, you just feel that characters take a life of their own when he plays them. Fichtner is a versatile actor, he can even play comedic roles such as his character in Go.
  • William Fichtner can play anything.

    My interest in William Fichtner first arose with Virtuosity (1995). He's one of those actors that you know you've seen, but have a hard time placing the where. It was his small but perfectly tempered role in the great film Heat (1995) that put him squarely on the map for me. From there, he impressed me with his portrayal of a blind academic in Contact (1997) and straight shooting shuttle commander in Armageddon (1998). That still leaves my three favorite Fichtner roles, Go (1999), The Perfect Storm (2000) and Black Hawk Down (2001). These three characters are so different from one another and he plays them all convincingly. William Fichtner is a chameleon, without relying on crazy weight fluctuation or elaborate appearance shifts. He becomes the character and in doing so, helps me get lost in the story. William Fichtner has secured his place as one of my all time favorite actors.
  • Lots of people will recognize Fitchner but may not know his name. BUT...his star is rising ,I am sure.

    FITCHNER is very, very talented. I prefer him in a solid
    drama...and I loved him in Invasion. He really should get an Emmy nomination for the role of Sheriff Underlay. It will be a grievous error , to me, if he is omitted.

    The man can act ! His face alone says so much. He's the type of actor who doesn't need ten pages of dialog .
    Those eyes look right into the camera and intensity comes out.
    Give this man a bigger paycheck and a gold star.
    He can only be an asset to whatever he is involved in..be it a film or a television show.
  • William Fichtner has been in both movies and television, but few actually know him by name. Chances are, you've seen him in something, or at least heard his voice. I would encourage you to investigate him, and become familiar with his work. Here's why.

    Even I really didn't come to appreciate William Fichtner's work until recently when he starred in ABC's sci-fi drama Invasion. After I got hooked on that show, it seemed like he was everywhere.

    His voice sounded familiar, and with a 19-year-old younger brother, I should've recogized it from the Homeland Security episode of American Dad, or from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Still, the name eluded me. After a bit of struggling and searching for the name, I let it slide.

    I figured it out one weekend after renting "Mr. & Mrs. Smith." Even though he didnt recieve credit for it, I knew he was the voice of the couple's marriage counselor. After that realization, I ran home and hopped on IMDB.com, and the rest of the puzzle pieces came together.

    He's eerily handsome. He has very distinct features, and large, intense eyes - which have made him visually perfect for roles like Invasion, when he plays an alien/human hibrid. I continued to browse his IMDB.com profile and titles started popping out at me. The movie Contact, made in 1997 and starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, was one of my favorite movies as a teen. How had I not memorized his name then?

    His role in Contact is so dramatically different from his recent role in Invasion. In the film, Fichtner plays a blind scientist, timid and easily aggitated. In Invasion, he is extremely confident, almost cocky at times. His sheriff's swagger and authoritative mannerisms are flawless. Though these two roles are almost polar opposites, he is convincing in both, which is a testament to his flexability.

    He has an amazing gift when it comes to being believable while still keeping you guessing about his character's orientation on the scale of good and evil, which is a fine line to walk. I, for one, think he deserves a large amount of recognition and praise for his recent work in Invasion. He took me on an incredible, exciting journey during this season. He led me through the full range of emotions with his character. I loved him and hated him, sometimes simultaneously. I understood his motives, even if they weren't outwardly stated. He is an extremely expressive actor, and although he was portraying an alien "hybrid," he was still remarkably human. He was strong, but vulnerable. He cared for his human family and also for his hybrid community. This show was a refreshing approach to the standard alien invasion plot, and Bill did a phenominal job. I will miss the series. If you haven't seen it, I'd encourage you to check out the DVD when it comes out in August, and be sure to keep an eye out for William Fichtner in the future.
  • One of my favourite and hottest actors to date. He should be a household name worldwide. Want to see him more and more of him on Invasion!!

    I saw William in the early days as a sheriff for a small town, as a member of the KKK. I thought he was fabulous and strikingly gorgeous. I hadn't seen much of him over the years and when I saw him on Invasion, I was instantly hooked. It is one of the best Sci-Fi programmes on tv now and I hope it goes on for a long time. The cast is perfectly suited but I am sure that most agree that "Tom Underlay" brings a little extra something to the role and he sings too (well certainly better than I can)!!!

    William is super talented with a super bod.

    Did I mention that he is absolutely hot???
  • good actor

    I truely enjoy him on Invasion, he does a great job, of not making Sheriiff Underlay just hated, you question what he does but he isn't doing it for bad reasons or is he, but there is still likability to the charecter, good acting skills to do tha, I hope we get more invasion to se it in , want to see more of his roles
  • Very underrated! What a wonderful actor Fichtner is -- totally believable, he NEVER appears to be acting. He truly becomes the character he's portraying. Very handsome man, as well, & a very strong appearance, & yet a vulnerability that is very attractive

    I've never been a star-gazer, & still am not. However, when I saw the opportunity to rate William Fichtner, I couldn't resist. This man should have received an Oscar or Emmy long ago. His acting is absolutely incredible! Totally believable, no matter what part he's playing.

    I've NEVER seen a more versatile or talented actor. He truly becomes his character. The variety in roles he's played, & also the way he changes his looks for these roles, is unmatched, as far as I'm concerned.

    I first noticed him in Contact. I was amazed at how well he played the blind astrophysicist Kent. I then began noticing him in other roles, such as Sully in The Perfect Storm. He really touched my heart in that role...so strong & tough, & yet so caring, to save the life of a man who wasn't good to him. That final scene, with him on his knees looking so vulnerable, was truly touching. And Armageddon...I watch it frequently, mostly to see Fichtner.

    I wish MDs had lasted. The writing wasn't great, but Fichtner was truly amazing in his role as the head of Cardiothorasic Surgery. With better writing, I think that show could've been a big hit, due to his incredible acting.

    His looks are typically described as being different, unconventional. While this is true, I think he is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen. His eyes & smile are just beautiful, & his facial features are so attractive -- that strong bone structure. I'll have to say, too, that he is built extremely well...looks great in that sheriff's uniform, or in anything he wears in any part.

    I would so love to see this man get his just due, & receive the awards that he is so deserving of!

  • Curious about this William Fichtner. People who know me say I look exactly like him. Went out of town last weekend and someone asked for my autograph. Last year a doctor, this year a cop. Who do I contact to see if he needs a double? kowchip@yahoo.com

    Curious about this William Fichtner. People who know me say I look exactly like him. Went out of town last weekend and someone asked for my autograph. Last year a doctor, this year a cop. Who do I contact to see if he needs a double? kowchip@yahoo.com I could be a twin or younger brother. (3 years.)
  • William Fichtner has mastered his craft as an actor and always gives an excellent performance. We have enjoyed watching him for many years and hope this new series continues to excite a growing viewership.

    The character he portrays in the hit TV series Invasion is the most complex because of Underlay's own experience as well as his wifes. His law enforcement duties involve his character in what amounts to an overlay of all the other characters in the show. Fichtner does this in such a seamless fashion that he, above anyone else, provides credibility to the show's premise and continuity.

    Our hats are off to this talented actor from Western New York!
  • William Fichtner outshines all the rest of the actors in Invasion! His time is now to be the star of his show. And he is gorgeous! Good luck to you William!!

    As I said in my summary of William Fichtner, the actor, the time is now to be the STAR of his OWN SHOW! "Invasion" is just the start of his wonderous career in acting. The sky is the limit! And not bad on the eyes! Good luck and Godspeed to you William!