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  • Awesome actor, especially in "Prison Break"

    Oh my god, what can I say about this man? He is awesome, in everything I watch what he is in. He is an awesome actor, on of the best around. He is extremely talented, and I love him especially in "Prison Break", he plays "Mahone" and he is just mind blowing, I love him he made season two and three amazing. I love the way he is a bad guy but you just got to love him for it. As many would agree with me, in "Prison Break" he is the best. I have also seen him in many films, and one of my favourite is "The Longest Yard" he is awesome in that movie too. But my god he is such and awesome actor, that whys I am giving him 10 out of 100 because I love him so much! Amazing actor, and he should be in more films, I would say tv shows but I want him to stay in Prison Break for ever.