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    • William Frawley has a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. It is located on 6322 Hollywood Blvd.

    • Frawley and Vivian Vance were given the opportunity to have their own TV show, called Fred and Ethel, once I Love Lucy had ended. Frawley wanted to do it, seeing it as a way to make more money, but Vance had such a dislike for Frawley that she refused to continue to work with him.

    • A photo of Frawley and My Three Sons co-stars Fred MacMurray and Stanley Livingston appeared on the cover of TV Guide.

    • After a busy career in vaudeville, Frawley found roles on the Broadway stage in such shows "Bye, Bye Bonnie" (1927), "Here's Howe!" (1928), "She's My Baby" (1928) and "Sons o' Guns" (1930).

    • Frawley's body is buried at San Fernando Mission Cemetery near Los Angeles, California. The headstone reads, simply, "In Loving Memory / William C. Frawley / Febrary 26, 1887 - March 3, 1966.

    • William married Edna Louise Broedt in 1914, but the marriage ended in divorce in 1927. That was his only marriage.

    • Bill's father, Michael Frawley, worked as an insurance salesman.

    • Frawley was forced to retire in 1965 when producers of My Three Sons found his poor health made him uninsurable.

    • When he was young, William had hopes of growing up to be a newspaperman.

    • Frawley's love for baseball and his chosen profession blended quite well as he appeared in many baseball-themed movies. Among them: "Alibi Ike" (1935), "It Happened In Flatbush" (1942), "The Babe Ruth Story" (1948), "Kill the Umpire" (1950), "Rhubarb" (1951), and "Safe At Home!" (1962).

    • Frawley was a co-owner of the Hollywood Stars, a team in the minor league Pacific Coast League.

    • William was a great fan of baseball and the New York Yankees. He had a clause put in his contract when he signed on to do I Love Lucy stating that if the New York Yankees won the play offs, he was to be given time off to attend the World Series. Seven out of nine seasons the show was on the air he took off in October to attend the World Series.

    • Paramount Pictures signed Frawley to a long-term contract, and he bagan appearing in movies as early as 1916.

    • Biographies report that Frawley and Vivian Vance, his TV wife on I Love Lucy, disliked each other intensely. The relationship may have helped their performances, as their characters continually hurled insults at one another.

    • Frawley was 22 years older than Vivian Vance, who played his wife on I Love Lucy.

    • By 1951 Frawley's alcoholism and disagreeable personality kept most producers from hiring him. Desi Arnaz took a chance, and gave him the role of Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy. Arnaz made it clear that if Frawley showed up at work drunk more than once he would be fired and blacklisted in the entertainment industry. Frawley kept to that standard as long as the show was on the air and Arnaz became one of his closest friends.

    • William performed a vaudeville act with his brother, Paul, and another act with pianist Franz Rath.

    • Frawley's first job was with the Union Pacific Railroad as a stenographer.

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