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  • Janet (Jaye Griffiths) and Professor Leo...
  • Janet (Jaye Griffiths) and Professor Leo...
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Before starring as pathologist Professor Leo Dalton in Silent Witness William Gaminara was the voice of Dr. Richard Locke in the long running radio soap The Archers. He's also appeared in shows such as Holby City, People Like Us, Hope And Glory, Dangerfield and Attachments. As well as…more


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    • Public Appearances:
      June 6th, 2009: William attended the Life After Stroke Awards 2009 at Claridge's Hotel in London.

    • Apart from a successful actor and writer, William is also an accomplished voice actor. His radio work is extensive both as an actor and a narrator and he has also put his voice to a large amount of audio books.

    • William likes to play poker.

    • In 1992, William injured his back as the result of a wrong move during a squash game. A slipped disc forced him to spend three weeks strapped to a hospital bed undergoing traction and he was unable to work for six months.
      In 1993, he injured his hand when he burnt it by accident.

    • William is professionally represented by Richard Stone Partnership, London.

    • William is married to actress Kate Lock and has two sons: Joe and Fred. They live in London.

    • William attended school at Winchester College from 1969 to 1973 and then studied at Oxford University.

    • William contracted polio as a child, his slight limp being a long time after-effect of the illness.

    • William grew up in Zambia.

    • William's mother is called Monica and he has a sister called Elizabeth. Both are GP's.

    • William is 5'11" (1'81m), has blue eyes, light brown hair and is right handed.

    • William can sing as well as play the piano, guitar and harmonica.

  • Quotes

    • William: (About his character in Silent Witness) Leo is very passionate about, obviously his family, his wife and child, and also about Janet as you'd expect. Professionally I think he is very passionate about being a representative of finding the truth and I think particularly for him what he doesn't like is the feeling that in some way, he can't be impartial.

    • William: (About attending a post mortem) When I first started, Tom [Ward] and I went to see a post mortem down in South End and the fact we met over a post mortem, and then both went for a drink afterwards, was a pretty extraordinary experience, and certainly what I had in my head which I suppose was what I gleamed from watching tell and reading books, was completely unlike what we saw and that was surprising and quite shocking and very interesting and I'm really glad that I did it. I was quite squeamish when watching it and I wouldn't particularly want to repeat the experience but I'm very glad that I did it.

    • William: (About the things he can watch on screen) I'm actually pretty good in terms of what I can watch on a screen at the cinema and I can take quite a lot. I'm always aware that it is just make believe so it doesn't particularly worry me I'm quite thick skinned about it.

    • William: (About the relationship between the lead actors in Silent Witness) My relationship with Harry and Nikki has also developed over the years and we didn't want it to be the case that I suddenly became boss, it never became a boss employee relationship because it is very much an equal relationship as well so I think we managed to maintain that and I sometimes think of it in terms of Leo as a bit of a father figure with slightly wayward children who occasionally kind of go off piste and he has come and stir them back on.

    • William: (About the relationship between the lead actors in Silent Witness) Harry is quite strong headed and occasionally misjudges things and I have to wrap him on the knuckles and stir him back on and Nikki is quite hot headed on her own way and gets pent up about things and again I have to kind of rationalize it through with her and get her back on course as well so there's a slight feel of that but at the same time I don't see myself as a kind of boss figure with them. When he has to be the boss he is and he calls the shots but at the same time with Harry for example we have a very jokey relationship and he is quite irreverent at times and that's fine, that's not a problem and I think with Nikki particularly in terms of Leo's difficult past emotional life, she is always been the one with whom he was able to chat and talk about things that he found it hard to talk and chat about; in a typical kind of gender way she was the one he was able to have those conversations so it's a slightly more personal relationship.

    • William: (About his favourite Silent Witness episodes) My favourite episodes tend to be the ones where I'm most involved in because as an actor the more you get to do the more stimulation it is, the more fun it is, and quite a lot of episodes require very similar things of you so as soon as you get an episode in which you get to go beyond that then it's particularly interesting and so from a personal point of view those are my favourites. I would include in that the episode where Leo was down for drink driving and was sent out to work in a community and I would include in that the episode where his wife and child were killed.

    • William: (About his favourite Silent Witness episodes) Other episodes I think that are good simply because they are good episodes so it has nothing to do with my particular involvement. I remember a really early episode which started with a huge multiple car crash and what happened is that we arrived and we did a body count and we discovered that having counted all the arms and legs there was an extra arm so that's a brilliant beginning for an episode because it sets up a problem, a mystery and the entire episode works towards solving that mystery and it's a brilliant way to hook the audience, it worked very well.

    • William: (About his worst moment in Silent Witness) My worst moment on Silent Witness I would say has been having to pick the maggots out of a dead man's eye socket in Johannesbourg where I was handed a large bowl of maggots and I was wearing white stretchy gloves and for some reason we had to do this take several times so I constantly had to go and pick up handfuls of maggots and they kept getting down the inside of my gloves and they also happened to go inside this real skull which had been filled up with all sorts of messy stuff anyway and it was just a pretty horrific thirty minutes that seem to have stuck in my memory.

    • William: (About learning medical terms) Luckily whenever I need to, I can telephone my sister [Elizabeth, who is a GP] to find out how to pronounce the medical terms.

    • William: (About an accident resulting in a burnt hand) It was just something from the kitchen, but the burn had developed into violent colours. The make up people [from Casualty] there fell on me, they love to study these things. They pinned my hand to a table and took notes.