William Gregory Lee

William Gregory Lee


1/24/1973, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Birth Name

William Gregory Lee



Also Known As

Greg Lee, William G. Lee
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Lee was born on January 24, 1973. He has one older sister, Stephanie, and a younger half-brother, Brian who are two and a half years older and twelve years younger than Lee respectively. He also has four stepsisters. His mother is a retired Insurance Agent while his father…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Greg was excited when he learned that his mother on Wind on Water was going to be played by Bo Derek. His co-star Brian Gross had no idea who she was, but Greg had seen her as a boy in Tarzan the Ape Man, a movie which he had really liked.

    • Greg's favorite Xena episode was "Who's Gurkhan?", because Michael Hurst was the director, and because his character Virgil got to have some "Joxer moments".

    • Greg was supposed to be in only one episode of Dark Angel, but they liked him enough that they used him in 9 out of 20 first season episodes before his character was killed heroically in the first season finale. Greg and the rest of the cast didn't see the script for the finale until they were actually shooting it, but he says he wasn't surprised to learn that they planned to kill him off. Executive Producer James Cameron told him personally that it was no reflection on Greg, just that it was the best choice for the ongoing storyline, and Greg agreed that this was the strongest and most appropriate choice for his character, since having him come and go all the time had much less impact.

    • Greg says that his dream role would be to appear in a Braveheart-ish sort of drama. "Something similar to a film Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford would make, but with settings you'd find in an episode of Xena."

    • In 1997 Greg appeared in the short film Anything Once, where he played the "straight guy" of the "gay film." When he talks about the appearance he often has to add, "I have never done any porn," and believes he will be saying that for his entire career.

    • While in high school Greg appeared in two guest appearances on the true crime series America's Most Wanted. However, neither episode aired, because the criminals were brought to justice before Greg's segments were shown.

    • Greg was meant to play the role of a Roman soldier for one episode of Xena, but once he got to New Zealand the producers liked him so much they made him Virgil, the son of recurring character Joxer, and he appeared in a total of six episodes. They would have brought him back even more, but his committments for Dark Angel didn't leave him enough time.

    • Greg had already been rejected for one role on the show Wind on Water when he was called back to audition for Cole. He went through six auditions for Cole, finally meeting with the producers, and then the network executives, who included NBC president Warren Littlefield.

    • Greg is interviewed several times for the Xena season 5 and season 6 DVD sets.

    • Greg says that his Dark Angel character Zack/X5-599 is the hardest one he's ever had to play, in spite of being himself straight but playing the gay man Ambrosius on Dante's Cove.

    • Greg did a good deal of his own stunts for Dark Angel and Xena, but he once accidentally broke the nose of his sparring partner as they were filming of a scene in Dark Angel by not watching where he was kicking.

    • Greg married to his high school girlfriend in the summer of 2002, but in 2006 he filed for divorce. He'd known her since grade school.

    • In 2001, Greg was a presenter at the 27th annual Saturn Awards along with Dark Angel castmate Jennifer Blanc.

    • Greg's favorite TV show is 24, and he says that Jack Bauer is his hero.

    • Greg is 6'0", with brown hair and blue eyes.

    • While filming the Xena episode "Heart of Darkness" Greg had several very sexy scenes with Renee O'Connor, so he invited his fiance to the set to watch. He wanted her to see for herself just how unromantic the filming process was.

    • After playing Virgil and Eve/Livia on Xena, Greg and Adrienne Wilkinson have remained good friends afterwards, and often make appearances on stage together at conventions. He has also remained close with Renee O'Connor.

    • He prefers to go by his middle name Greg. The only reason he uses William Gregory Lee as his screen name is that there was already a Greg Lee listed in the business.

    • Greg enjoys playing poker, and he's a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In his youth, Greg particpated in semi-pro biking. He also enjoys bowling and surfing.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: (on playing a gay man on "Dante's Cove") When I made my mind up that this was what I was going to do, I was going all the way no matter what. Whatever they asked, whatever they expected, I was going for it. I have no problems with it and it's been fun.

    • Greg: You don't ever hold your breath in anything in this business, because the second you do you find yourself suffocating. You take it episode by episode and go you have to try to have the security within yourself that you did the best you could.

    • Greg: I love working with different actors because they always bring something new to the picture. Everything has different energy and different creativity. You just never know what whoever you are in the scene with is going to spit out next.

    • Greg: (on his role in the indie movie "Wheelmen") It's the most different thing from Zack I could have chosen to do. I don't want to be stereotyped, and as much as I love playing Zack [on Dark Angel], I think I have more range.

    • Greg: (on the sci-fi/fantasy genre) I just didn't know there was such a world out there. The other day on set, James Cameron [producer of Dark Angel] asked me if I was a huge sci-fi fan, and it made me realize I wasn't compared to a lot of people out there. But I love the entire sci-fi world. It's surreal, but you make it real. That's what the beauty of fantasy is. You take unimaginable circumstances and make them seem so real.

    • Greg: (about his stunt work on "Xena") I just sort of winged it. Luckily, I had Lucy [Lawless] and Renee [O`Connor] to very quickly explain to me that all the choreography for the fight scenes was more like a dance. Thanks very much to them I got through the first one very easily and caught on after that. I had a lot of fun -- it was like playing Luke Skywalker.

    • Greg: Once I'd started working regularly on Xena, I was constantly wondering if they were going to kill me off! And when it didn't happen, it was still something I kept thinking about, because it's just the way that sci-fi goes. But at the same time, you know they can always bring you back and do other things with you.

    • Greg: I've been fired from so many jobs I can't remember the exact number. In New York and later Los Angeles I got called for hundreds of auditions. I always worked a regular job as a restaurant host- meet and greet- but if I got an audition call I might be late or not show up. It was a matter of following my dream, or keeping a $5 an hour job.