William H. Macy





3/13/1950 , Miami, Florida, USA

Birth Name

William Hall Macy, Jr.




William H Macy was born March 13, 1950, in Miami, Florida. Beginning as a student of veterinary medicine, he changed to theater and ended up founding the St. Nicholas Theater Company in Chicago with playwright David Mamet. He then moved to New York City in 1980, and subsequently acted in over fifty Off Broadway and Broadway plays. He appeared in several films that David Mamet directed, such as his debut House of Games (1987). Mainstream success came with his lead role in Coen brothers tragic farce Fargo (1996), in which he played a down-on-his-luck car salesman - something which has caused him to be typecast in later films. This role also gained him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He also starred in Boogie Nights (1997), Pleasantville (1998), Magnolia (1999), and Panic (2000). In 2010 he began his critically acclaimed lead role in Showtime series Shameless as Frank Gallagher. His work on ER and Sports Night has earned him Emmy nominations, and in 2008 he and his wife Felicity Huffman received stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.