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    • William is mentioned in the Seinfeld episode "The Good Samaritian." He is described as being what George thinks having an affair with a married woman would be like.

    • Rumoured to have had affairs with both Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

    • Reportedy the first actor to ever make one million dollars for a movie for the film The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

    • Co-owned the Malwingo Hotel with Ray Ryan and and Carl Hirschmann. They renamed it the Mount Kenya Safari Club to draw tourists and celebrities to visit Kenya,Africa.

    • In 1995 voted #57 on Empire magazine's list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of film history.

    • Served as vice president of the Screen Actors Guild.

    • Was a well known Republician, but never voted. Was friends with Ronald Reagan and was Reagan's best man when he wed Nancy Davis in 1952.

    • Had a long relationship with actress Stefanie Powers from Hart to Hart beginning in 1974.

    • He was awarded the Golden Apple Award as the most cooperative male movie star in 1951 and 1955 by the The Hollywood Women's Press Club.

    • Rarely used obscene language,especially when women were present.

    • In 1974 Holden won an Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Limited Series for the 1973 TV Movie "The Blue Knight".

    • After death he was cremated and his ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean.

    • Was a well known alcoholic for most of his life and died from injuries sustained from a fall because he was too inebriated to reach a phone to call for help after a head injury.

    • He reportedly would shower up to four times a day.

    • Married to Brenda Marshall (real name Ardis Ankerson Gaines) from July 1941 to 1973.

    • Filmed an expedition to Somalia in 1969 called William Holden: Unconquered Worlds. that was to be shown on CBS. A revolution in Somalia forced the filmaker to leave and the project was cancelled.

    • William Holden has the record for the shortest Oscar speech in history. When he won for the film Stalag 17 his acceptance speech was simply, "Thank You."

    • In 1995 Holden was #57 on Empire magazine's 100 Sexiest Stars in film history.

  • Quotes

    • William(regarding his love scenes in the movie Network): I believe lovemaking is a private thing, and I don't enjoy depictions of it on the screen. But I have to go by what the audience accepts as normalcy in today's world. And Network is no Deep Throat.

    • William: Every day in Africa might be your last. That sense of anticipation keeps you thrillingly alive!

    • William: There's two things that happen to you when you come to Kenya. You can regenerate yourself here, and you can reconstitute yourself.

    • William: Being voted the most cooperative actor is strange, inasmuch as I've been away from Holloywood for nine months of the last year. Maybe I'd rate better if I stayed away all the time.

    • William (about the play Stalag 17): I walked out after the first act. I just didn't find it very exiting. And I thought Sefton was just a con man without any motivation for the deals he's pulling.