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    • William Katt: (when asked for which role he is most recognized) It depends on where I am. A lot of times it's Carrie. Any time I'm in a coastal town, it's Big Wednesday. But generally, The Greatest American Hero stands heads and shoulders above all of them.

    • William Katt: (on his role in The Greatest American Hero) The cool thing about playing Ralph, and what appealed to me about the series at the time is that it was a real guy in an absurd situation.

    • William Katt: (on his movie, "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days") When I first read the screenplay I turned it down. Richard Lester, the director, laid it on the line: 'It all boils down to whether you think you're good enough.' That got me in the ego. I thought I was. Maybe I was doubtful about stepping into a role created by Redford, or maybe I was just doubtful about doing the picture. Audiences can be leery of sequels; the studios make a hit, they see dollar signs, and they make a cheap rip-off. But this one wasn't cheap. It cost $8.5 million, and it looks like it does.

    • William Katt: (on his movie, "Big Wednesday") It was a movie about the passage of time, and how each of the characters grew, or didn't grow. And it was about the feeling of the seasons and their relationship with the sea...a really sensitive, intelligent movie. But the studio didn't know how to sell it. So they decided to punch up the fight scenes, make them more violent, exploit the surfing angle - take the cheap approach. The result was that hardly anyone saw the movie."

    • William Katt: (on his role in The Greatest American Hero) I'm still more into human drama than this sort of thing.

    • William Katt: (to a TV Guide reporter during the filming of The Greatest American Hero) Well, here I am in my spandex. Believe it or not, I used to be a serious actor.