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William L. Johnson

William L. Johnson


Gary, Indiana

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William L. Johnson's mission rises above the fame and fortune that usually rewards a successful music/acting career. His goal is to reinvest the majority of his earnings into a structured business that supports the advancement of the urban community. By spreading the message of self-reliance and providing opportunities…more


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    William L. Johnson/Brotha' Bill is a Nubian God. The first time I ever knew of him was in the movie Blue Hill Avenue.That movie would certainly not been what it was without him.His presence definitely demands attention.Each time his character would speak I was stuck-still in entrapment.His bad boy edge in the movie only added to my slow,erotic death. I lost my religion in the love/lust scene and imagined myself there,the object of his desire-my only objective to serve him and release his frustrations.Every thing about that man screams masculinity in the worst kind of way. God give me strength!moreless