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  • Along with Richard Levinson, he has given us some of TV's best mysteries and dramas, and two of television's most famous sleuths: Jessica Fletcher and Lt. Columbo.

    William Link is a TV legend and (as an aspiring mystery writer) one of my idols. In a career that has spanned almost 50 years, he and writing/producing partner Richard Levinson have left a huge legacy of TV films and series, most of them iconic mysteries.

    Arguably, their most famous creations are Jessica Fletcher (Murder, She Wrote), Joe Mannix and Lt. Columbo, but they were among the first writers to tackle serious subjects like homosexuality and discrimination in TV. Their works addressed big issues that were (and are) difficult to talk about, and brought them to the forefront.

    Mr. Link appears to have retired from writing, but his work will be remembered and enjoyed by mystery and drama fans for years to come.