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William Mueller

William Mueller


9/10/1980, Coffeyville, Kansas

Birth Name

William Theodore Mueller



Also Known As

Stan Dupp, Trevor Murdoch, Trevor Rhodes, Scottie Dee, Jethro Hoilday
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William Mueller was indeed a good wrestler. Started off after he trained by World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer, Harley Race, in 1999. He had many names. In 2003 Mueller went in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and was called Stan Dupp and was put in a stable called…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • was released from the WWE on July 3, 2008

    • Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch ended their tag team on May 12th, 2008 after they won a match and Lance beat up Trevor after Lance ask Trevor to sing.

    • Murdoch and Lance Cade lost the World Tag team championship to Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly on RAW's 15th anniversary

    • Trevor Murdoch and his tag team partner, Lance Cade are going to be in the Janurary / Feburary 2008 issue of Golf Punk, a British Golf Magazine.

    • Trevor Rhodes is a qualified trainer at Harley Race's Wrestling Academy.

    • Rhodes signed a three year deal with World Wrestling Entertainment in late 2005.

    • Trevor Rhodes resides with his family in Eldon, Missouri.

    • In a house show on September 5th, 2007 Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade lost the World Tag Team titles to Paul London & Brian Kendrick. Then on September 8th, 2007 at a house show, Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade defeated Paul London and Brian Kendrick to win back the World Tag Team titles, making them three time World Tag Team Champions.

    • On November 3rd, 2006 on a episode on Friday night Smackdown, Trevor Murdoch was spotted with Lance Cade, Rene Dupree, and Mike Knox attacking King Booker, but instead they got attacked by Batista.

    • Trevor Rhodes and Amanda Busch had their first child on November 9, 2005, a boy called Trevor Paul Rhodes.

    • Trevor Rhodes Wrestling accomplishments:
      World League Wrestling

      WLW Heavyweight Championship (3 times)

      WLW Tag Team Championship (3 times) – with Bull Schmitt and Wade Chism (2)

      World Wrestling Entertainment

      World Tag Team Championship (3 time)(current) – with Lance Cade

    • Trevor Murdoch is on the Power 25, at least 5 times.

      Here is the dates:
      December 3rd, 2005
      December 10th, 2005
      December 17th, 2005
      December 24th, 2005
      April 14th, 2007

    • Trevor Rhodes used to bowl before he went into wrestling.

    • Finishing and signature moves of Trevor Rhodes(Trevor Murdoch)
      Sweet and Sour (High and Low: Combination lariat by Cade and chop block by Murdoch)
      Diving bulldog
      Spinning sit-out spinebuster
      Reverse STO

    • Rhodes is engaged to Amanda Busch.

    • Trevor weighs 241 pounds.

    • Trevor stands at 6'4 inches.

    • Trevor is a three-time WWE World Tag Team Champion, with Lance Cade.

    • Trevor has a tatoo of the Tazmanian Devil from Looney Tunes on his right upper bicep.

  • Quotes

  • People like him are pathetic.

    Why is it people like him get tag team title shots, when people like Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin don't? I will never understand it. He shouldn't even be on Raw's roster. But since he is WWE should be jobbing him to people like Haas and Benjamin. Release him WWE.