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  • The Book of Omens

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 20 - 9/29/89

    New Thundera is being torn apart and the Thundercats must present certain artifacts at various dangerous locations that used to be beautiful places, then Lion-O must go into the book and give the Key of Thundera to the guardian of the book "at the 24th hour," or the Thundercats will be frozen in time and New Thundera will be destroyed. But Mumm-Ra steals the book and key and journeys into the book himself. He wants to save New Thundera BUT wants the Thundercats frozen in time. The Ancient Spirits of Evil try to stop Mumm-Ra because they fear if Mumm-Ra goes into the book, their powers will cease to exist. The other Thundercats run into problems also at the locations they are supposed to be at. Lion-O goes into the book using the Sword of Omens and battles Mumm-Ra one on one, neither of them using any magic. Even when Mumm-Ra cheats, Lion-O still wins. The ASOE summon their "champion," Pyron, to then fight Lion-O, but Lion-O gets the dragons in the book to fry him... He presents the key and releases the ThunderCat signal, which turns into a black puma. It runs to all the TCats, unfreezes them, and restores the places to their original state... just in time.

  • Swan Song

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 16 - 9/25/89

    An Ecology Inspector (EI) comes to Thundera to inspect the new Cats Lair. His ship uses the SWAN system (Space Way Airborn Navigations) to direct him to planets all over the universe. When he arrives on Thundera, he gets ambushed by Two-Time (see Return to Thundera, Part III, this page). Two-Time uses a hologram to make the EI's ship crash into a mountain, and then when the Thundercats come to rescue the EI in the Feliner, Two-Time uses the hologram again. Lion-O manages to fly around the mountain and lands the Feliner. Meanwhile, Two-Time flies to new Cats Lair in his spaceship, Dome-Down. He actually picks up the whole Lair and keeps it inside Dome-Down. The Thundercats fix the Feliner, rescue the EI, and then fly to catch Dome-Down. Once they catch the spaceship, Lion-O uses the sword to defeat Two-Time and send him flying out of the ship. Then they return Cats Lair to its proper place.

  • Cracker's Revenge

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 12 - 9/19/89

    Capt. Cracker and his mechanical parrot Polly land on Way-Out Back and free the Lunatacs and put Bragg and Crownan in one of the train's cages. They plan to go to Third Earth to attack it since most of the Thundercats are no longer on Third Earth. Meanwhile the ThunderCats have learned Cracker escaped and Snarfer and Mandora go to catch him. Bragg has Crownan ride a fire exstiquisher, so he can get into space and get help. Mandora finds him, and the three of them go to Third Earth. Mandora fights with Cracker and the Lunatacs, but is beaten and she and Snarfer are tied to her cycle and sent towards a mountain. Lion-O, Panthro, and Cheetara arrive and Lion-O saves Mandora and the others. Meanwhile Cracker and the Lunatacs go to attack Cats Lair, only occupied by Pumyra, but Lion-O uses the Eye's signal to cause the drawbridge to tilt, sending Cracker and the Lunatacs into the moat. The Lunatacs are exiled again.

  • Screwloose

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 9 - 9/14/89

    Jaguara cannot work New Thundera's Gyro on her own. The Thundercats order a robot to aid her in running the Gyro. Screw Loose, a robot who specializes in Gyro's, comes to New Thundera. Mumm-Ra manages to mess up Screw Looses brain so he becomes destructive instead of helpful. The Thundercats must help Jagara get Screw Loose under control, before the entire planet is destroyed (again =]).

  • The Circus Train

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 44 - 11/6/86

    A bounty hunter known as Captain Bragg comes to Third Earth to help the Thundercats get rid of the Mutants and the Lunatacks. Capt Bragg tricks Wilykat in going with him and they first go after the Mutants. After capturing them, they go to capture the Lunataks. They capture all except Luna and Amuk, who free the other Lunataks, put Bragg in a cage and tie Wilykat to the train's engine. Lion-O and Wilykit arrive to save Wilykat and the Lunataks are defeated. All the Mutants and all the Lunataks are captured and exiled.moreless
  • The Jade Dragon

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 43 - 11/5/86

    Mumm-Ra discovers the power of one of the pieces of the treasure of Thundera. The Double-Headed Dragon of Doom, or the Jade Dragon possess the power to entrap people in its stomach. The legend says that Haji-Man's ancestor gave the dragon to his wife as a marriage gift, and since her father was so against their marriage, he put a curse on the dragon and it engulfed Haji-man's ancestor. Jaga freed the him, and he gave the dragon to Jaga for safe keeping. Now, the Thundercats have found the Jade Dragon, and Mumm-Ra manages to trap Lion-O and Cheetara in it. Haji-man is their only hope.moreless
  • Exile Isle

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 35 - 10/24/86

    The Thundercats capture the Lunataks and, tired of dealing with their evil ways, decide to exile the Lunataks to Exile Isle, an island in space far away from Third Earth. When the Lunataks arrive, they meet up with Captain Cracker, a pirate who the Thundercats also exiled. Together, the Lunataks and Capt. Cracker send out a distress signal to a passing ship. When the ship comes near the island, the Lunataks send up a cloud of fog, which makes the ship crash. They use the engines of the ship to push the planet out of orbit and towards Third Earth. Snarfer, on his way home from Thundera, crashes on the island when it runs into him. Lion-O goes to rescue Snarfer and stop the island, because it has a deadly gas that will blow up if it enters Third Earth's atmosphere. He goes without the Sword of Omens. He gets cornered by Capt. Cracker, but the Sword awakens and flies to Lion-O, without him even calling it. He then uses dirt to stop the engines, and the planet/island eventually returns to orbit. The Lunataks, still stuck there, turn Capt. Cracker's house into a ship and fly back to Third Earth.moreless
  • Sideswipe

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 10/3/86

    Snarfer is making a trip back to Third Earth bringing food for the Thundercats, but he gets sideswiped by Chilla. Mandora, evil chaser sees this and pulls Chilla over. Chilla, however, ices Mandora and makes a run for it. Mandora insists on the Thundercats' help to capture Chilla. But when she and Lynx-O go to Darkside to capture Chilla, they fall into one of the Lunataks' traps. It seems that the Lunataks wanted the Braille board so that the Thundercats could not get to them. But when the board dissappears, they try to get the information from Lynx-O as to where it went, but Mandora escapes and frees Lynx-O. She is tricked however and she and Lynx-O are shot up into space in a pod. Lion-O brings them down by using the Sword, and they return to Darkside and Mandora succeeds in capturing Chilla.moreless
  • The Great Galaxy Race

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 19 - 10/2/86

    coming soon.
  • The Backroom

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 7 - 9/16/86

    When Commander Stargazer goes undercover to infiltrate Pokerface’s Casino, he realizes that the most deadly game of all is being played in the infamous Backroom. But Pokerface plays for keeps, and the stakes are raised when Mon-Star starts gambling with the fate of planets. The SilverHawks are forced deal in, but their chances look slim ‘cause at this Casino all the games are rigged.moreless

  • The Planet Eater

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 9/10/86

    The SilverHawks are called into action to stop Mon-Star’s Skychomper; a spaceship devouring metallic monstrosity. But Windhammer has other plans for the Hawks, and when the Copper-Kidd is captured in the heart of Mon-Star’s lair the insidious true nature of the Skychomper is revealed. It is feeding the deadly goliath, The Planet Eater. The SilverHawks will have to work together to defeat Windhammer, Hardware, Buzz-saw, and Mon-Star himself in time to save the Copper-Kidd and destroy The Planet Eater.moreless

  • Sword in a Hole

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 35 - 11/8/85

    Mumm-Ra hires Captain Schiner no send a fake distress signal to the Thundercats. With their new vehicle, the Feliner, the Thundercats set out into deep space to help the "ship in distress". When they arrive, Schiner captures Lion-O, and the sword of omens. He gives the sword to Mumm-Ra, and Mumm-Ra throws the sword into a black hole. Cheetara returns to third earth to get Panthro, in an attempt to save Lion-O. They do rescue Lion-O, and seize Schiner's ship. Panthro sets a course into the black hole to recover the sword. They enter, and must battle the robotic city of lost space ships to recover the sword of omens, and escape.moreless
  • Mandora and the Pirates

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 31 - 11/4/85

    Mandora, on space-patrol, encounters an old pirate ship which doesn't meet inter-galactic standards. She boards the ship, arrests the pirate, and sends the ship to a space prison. Little does she know that she has boarded the Jolly Roger, the home of the evil pirate Cracker. Mandora is captured by the creature. Lion-O intercepts one of her distress calls, and must go into space to save her. She sends her bike to third earth by remote control, and Lion-O goes after hermoreless
  • The Thunder-Cutter

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 27 - 10/29/85

    Mumm-Ra summons the great samurai Hachiman to seek and destroy Lion-O. He tells Hachiman that Lion-O and the Thundercats are destroying his planet. Hachiman and Lion-O confront each other, but their swords refuse to draw on each other. They become allies and hope to destroy Mumm-Ra together. Enraged, Mumm-Ra summons another warrior, a ninja, to sabotage the Thundercats, and retrieve Slithe whom they have captured.moreless
  • Dr. Dometone

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 21 - 10/7/85

    An old scientist seeks the Thundercats to help him save the oceans of Third Earth. Long ago, a crack was made in the bottom of the ocean which caused the water to drain into the earth's core. Dr. Dometone created a plug which sealed the hole in the ocean, and saved Third Earth from destruction. Now, an evil plundarrian, Scrape, has come to Third Earth to remove the plug and mine the rock that is found on the bottom of the ocean, a rock that powers his planet - Blue Plun-Darr. The Thundercats join Dr. Dometone and his frog-type robot Hercie to save the planet from total destruction.moreless
  • The Fireballs of Plun-Darr

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 16 - 9/30/85

    The mutants, once again searching for a way to destroy the Thundercats, recover some more items from their spaceship which Mumm-Ra generously recovered for them. They take their ships engine and convert it into a giant fire-ball-shooting machine. The mutants terrorize third earth with their fire-balls, until the Thundercats go to castle Plun-Darr and destroy their dangerous new weapon.moreless
  • Mandora: the Evil Chaser

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 10 - 9/20/85

    Lion-O and Snarf stumble upon a portable jail cell, and mistakenly open it up. Three of the galaxy's worst villains escape. One of them, a slick thief, manages to steal Lion-O's sword. Lion-O helps Mandora, the inter-stellar police officer that imprisoned the villains, recapture them, and return them to their cells.moreless