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  • Admire Someone In TV Series

    Hi! I'm a big fan of American TV series.

    CSI Las Vegas is one of my best American TV series.

    I like CSI Las Vegas due to the key characters ( Gill Grissom / Sara Sidle / NIck Stokes / Catherine Willows ). Of them, I like Gill's acting. His acting is superb!

    But any way, I am still a fan of CSI team ( although Gill is not supervising his team. )

    By the way, the death of Warrick Brown ( in TV plot ) shocks me a lot!!!
  • I like his presence.

    He's the perfect leader. Old, but experienced, has a classic look to him, and comes off patient. Good role playing.
  • William please come back to CSI, it is not the same show any more…

    Unfortunately I didn't realize William before CSI. But his character was the first reason for me to watch it. At first Gil was weird the bug man and but then the character developed and we saw his caring and loving side of his character and it all seemed so real. That is an evidence of talent of William.
    He is an extremely talented and excellent actor. I am missing very much since he left the CSI. I don't understand how he could do this to us. I should give him -10. But I am giving him 10 because he deserves that.
  • My mother and I use to watch this show together, even though she is no longer living I am still very fond of it. It has had many great seasons and I am glad that it could be one of guilty pleasure of mine and i even enjoy watching the reruns on spike. xo

    I love this show so much!!!

    and him!!!

    I don't care if he could be my dad.. I love him and I loved him in the movie FEAR.

    He is a phenomenal actor and he's hot!

    yes I said it, I ain't shy.
    he made this show and I don't know how its gonna be without him. Makes me real sad:((

    I love actors who make their roles great and mind blowing and he always kept me in anticipation. I like that.
    GO G!

    I think he should stay on but maybe he wants a change???
    what do you all think??? I know I'm really gonna miss him.
  • Awesome

    I think one of the great actors in drama series. He can just answer by looking at someone and you'll know just what he thinks. He seems in control of everything, all the time. I just regret not seeing him in more dramatic roles, or scenes (or perhaps is it that we don't get too much of his appearances out here...). Well, one big guy, obviously talented at acting but also in producing and behind the scenes kind of activities.
    I'm also glad to see that in CSI, he actually got in a romance, gives his character more "humanity" than just being the boss.
  • portrays the character of gill grissom brilliantly!!!!

    For me, William Petersen is an excellent actor. His portrayal of Grissom is brillant. i love csi, it is my favourite programme and one of the reasons why is because of gill grissom. His character is great and petersen plays it brillantly. i have seen a few other things petersen has been in and he really is a great actor, but grissom is his best performance and i hope he doesnt leave anytime soon!!!! He makes csi what it is, without him it would still be a good show,but not as great as it is with him, also i cant imagine anyone else playing grissom quite as well as him.
  • First, I haven't seen a lot of Petersens previous work and what I saw was not at all memorable! But:

    I must strongly emphasize, that his portrayal of the quirky entomologist and graveyard shift supervisor Gil Grissom with an alleged Asperger's Syndrom, resides among the best performances that can be seen on television nowadays. As has been stated elsewhere, it's a pity, that the concept of the show has only so much room for character development, but like the recent events in his love life show, not all hope is lost. It was in the rare moments, when we get a glimpse of the hidden relationship between Grissom and Sara, that Petersen shows his talent of expressing the complexity of his character in just one volume speaking look. What more to expect from a gifted actor.
  • This man should have won an Emmy years ago, and the fact that he hasn't shows just how flawed the system is.

    I'll be honest, first. I've only ever watched Billy on CSI, but I deeply regret it. Personally- I've been practically in love with Gil Grissom since the first episode, as have millions of other women around the globe. It would be an awful shame to realise that *ahem* the character isn't real.

    CSI is a phenomenon without a doubt, but one would ask the question- would this "forensic show" be as popular without it's enigmatic leading man? I think the answer to that is simple-"no way". Sure- the forensics and the cases are interesting and intricately planned to perfection, but it's Petersen and his award-winning ensemble cast that have turned this franchise into gold. The chemistry that Petersen has with every actor on the show (down to the characters that have about sixty seconds screen time) is astonishing. You see everyone through Grissom's eyes, and trust me, it's a sight to behold in the seedy town of Las Vegas.

    For me, Gil Grissom couldn't be further from a simple "science geek". He is portrayed with obvious wisdom, courage and a weird but wonderful sense of humour. His on-screen personal life is just as interesting as when he's out catching bad guys- you could cut the sexual tension with co-stars Melinda Clarke and Jorja Fox- with a knife. But at the end of the day- it's his lovable fascination with bugs, that has made him so wonderfully famous, not to mention the fetal pig! He is just so unique, so blissfully out of the ordinary, that even if two more CSI's join on the bandwagon, you wouldn't give them a second glance. Not when Grissom is on. That's the way it'll always be.
  • good actor...

    William Peterson is probably best known for his role as Gil Grissom in CSI and he does a relatively good job portraying that character. The writers of the show, however, don't really seem to like giving the characters a lot of character development which is hard to really see William's talent. Since there has been so many seasons, though, William has been able to do a lot of different things with acting. I've also seen him in Young Guns 2 as Pat and he did a pretty good job, but nothing special. William Peterson is a pretty good actor and I look forward in seeing him in different things in the future.
  • " Just supposed we do not see that supposed to be there doesn't mean it is not there - Grissom"

    William as Grissom is notable for his eccentric way of dropping quotes, metaphors and famous words of predecessors. I always hang around to hear it. He looks so brainy in most of his films and stints. I first liked him in his role as senator in Skulls with J. Jackson. His script line delivery was remarkably witty especially the last scene of same movie “well done my son…”.
  • a fantastic actor who leaves us in no doubt about his acting ability.. he speaks volumes with each appearance. his deep sexy voice demands attention and holds it...

    from episode one of csi a was captured by the character grissom and vowed to find out all i could about the man who played him and made him real.. petersen seems to be a man who not only plays a role - but lives it..
    i have to admit he is also one of the sexiest men on the box and has been for a while.. his voice is so deep and calming, and his eyes make me melt just from the screen.. if i had the chance to meet him i would have no problem with the married issue or the age gap.. simply delicious...

  • William Petersen what to say about him...

    I think Billy is a brilliant actor. Though sadly like Jorja I haven't seen his other work, um actually this has changed I have indeed seen him in some movies and he is amazing. I love it. Billy does a wonderful job playing Grissom. He pulls Gil Grissom off just right. Just enough of him not being a great people person but caring and helpful. I have no doubts that if I saw Billy's other stuff I would think he did a wonderful job in those as well. He may be 50 something but he's still got it (and yes I mean I think he's attractive). Anyway, Billy seems to be a pretty decent guy, and in fact someone who posts on here met him and from what she said he seems like he's probably a sweet guy too which is awesome. I appreciate all the time and effort he puts into playing Grissom. He does an awesome job.
  • Very hot for his age.

    William is so cool. His lines in CSI are the greatest. The one thing I love about him is how his can say the cliched-est line in the book, but it still sound awesome. Take the CSI episode with the meat grinder in it, for example. He was trying to get the arm out and he says, "I need a hand" then gets a funny look from Catherine. Lol, best one liner I've ever heard.

    I was looking at pictures of William from one of his earlier theater and man does that man ever look good shirtless. I saw the commercial for the Olympics and with William's help they did a really great job, even though the commercial is really really long.
  • William Petersen ...

    I have only ever seen William Petersen in CSI. He is a good actor and is probably the glue that holds the show together. He became famous worldly because of his portrail of Gil Grissom on CSI. From his weird obsessions such as anything to do with bugs to his love for his team, the city of Las Vegas and to one Sara Sidle this man is as genuine as they come.
  • one of my favorite people

    he is a awsome acter and is very good at his job and he should be nominated for an award of some kind and he is brillant and plays a cool character one of the best acters he is my current role model and I some day wish that I can be as good an acter as him I think that he was good in CSI and in many other shows I can't get enough of him not to mention all the ways people can learn from not only him but his characters and he is deeply missed on CSI when stopped being on the show
  • Great actor!!!

    The most greatest actor I know!!!! He is so handsome, and so talented... so convincing!!!! He plays his roles perfectily!!! I love Gil Grissom, like I love William!!!! He can be so serious, and so funny at the same time. He is wondreful, talented, brilliant!!! He is the best charachter of CSI, and that is because of the actor who plays it... if you are not a good actor, not even the best character in the world can save you!!!! I think th show shul be more about him, he is the most interesting character of all!!! Not that the other characters are bad, or the actors that play them are bad, I love them all and think they are great too, but William and Gil are the best!!!
  • empty

    William Petersen is most well known for his role on television's "CSI." However, he has a vast film career and has had bit parts in movies such as "The Skulls," "Fear" and "The Contender." I have found that his acting range has been limited to dramatic roles, and while I would like to see him branch out into action or comedy, I do appreciate his acting skills.
  • William Peteson is a talented and Handsome man.

    William Peterson is a very talented man. He is also very wise. I am amazed at his work. He is very good at becomeing the character he is playing. I would love to talk to William Peterson in person. William is very friendly and pleasent to be around also. I absolutely love william Peterson as an actor. I am beggining to run out of words to describe him. CSI is the best show and it would not be without William Peterson or in other words Gil Grissom. He is Handsome , Wise , and talented all in one. Very Amazeing.
  • Really awesome...

    I would say that William is CSI. Without his firm shoulders to relay on the serie would have been just another prime-time serie which, eventually, would have been forgotten. He keeps the serie realistic and his character fits him like a glove, you could almost think it was his true self. But it is a little sad that he is almost only known for playing Gil Grissom, while there are many other sides of him. His really awesome!!! I wish he could keep on going like this forever, but perhaps he needs this change, it will do him good! Keep up the good work...
  • Hot, sexy and a great actor. Now I know what the really definition of perfect. Even in his 50's he looks better then a lot of other men. He also a great actor even when he in the dumbest movies he can make it better. He should never change.

    He great in every movie i saw him in from Fear to even Hard Promise. He can play drama to romantic. He is so great on CSI he so into the role that you actually start to think that Grissom is a really guy who actually plays with his bugs and is very reserved. I can't see anyone play that part that's how good he is with playing his characters.He also just a great person period, he has a great sense of him self and tell it like it is and he is just a lovable guy.
  • HOT, HOT, HOT. What else can I say? Read further to find out.

    I have to admit that the only other thing, besides CSI that I've seen Billy in was The Beast. It's not that I don't want to see his other stuff, I just haven't been presented with the opportunity. Oh, I did see a little bit of Fear. The thing about Billy, is he's just such a great actor. Some actors you watch in a movie, or televison show, than you see them do an interview, and they're basically the same person. I'm always struck by the differences in Billy's demeanor when he is in the Character of Grissom, or in fact any other character, and when he's doing an interview as himself. Posture changes, speech paterns change, everything. I find it fasinating. Plus did I mention he's Hot! His wife is one lucky woman.
  • Gorgeous, great actor, what more could you possibly ask for?

    Well me personally and i know that alot of people on here could say the same thing but I mean the man him self is gorgeous, he may be "old" accordin to some people but i mean he stills has that charm that makes you feel like a school girl hitting on a professor or something.
    He does one hell of a job on csi, he plays that role perfectly! i dont think that i could think of a person that could possibly play that role as good as he has done for the past 6 years! i love him so much in the sense that wow sometimes im speechless when he delievers a humor line or when he makes a little speech that makes you go wow i could not think of that in my life. I mean he has everything, he is funny, no doubt good looking, smart as hell, and well he fits in all categories. and another thing he does a gob job when they set him up with jorja fox to give us gsr fans a taste of gsr. the whole butterflied little speech was awesome and he thought a big chunk of it 2! he is a freaking genius!:“Sad, isn't it, doc? Guys like us. A couple of middle-aged men who have allowed their work to consume their lives. The only time we ever touch other people is when we're wearing our latex gloves. Then we wake up day and realize that for 50 years we haven't really lived at all. Then all of a sudden, we get a second chance. Somebody young and beautiful shows up, somebody we can care about. She offers us a new life with her. But we have a big decision to make, right? Because we have to risk everything we've worked for to have her. I couldn't do it. But you did. You risked it all. And she showed you a wonderful life, didn't she? But then she took it away and gave it to somebody else, and you were lost. So you took her life. You killed them both and now you have nothing.” and he also added the honey in the infamous pwf ep that allgsr shippers love! and another thing he also added since i met you when jorja fox or sara sidle asked him when he was intrested in beauty not only that he is a big romantic quoting william shake and all man i love him!
    well here it goes to william p and all that love him! i have loved his earlier work as well as his later work. He did a great job in Live and Die in La, Cousins, Deadly Surrents, and one of my fave movies Fear. Good luck with everything Billy!
  • I love him soo much! Not just the characters he plays, but him! He is truly talented.

    What to say about WP except for he is a talented, handsome, quirky, lovable actor? His role on CSI is truly fabulous. And I'm not just saying that because CSi is my favorite show of all time, the man can truly act his heart out! His is GREAT! Even though he is older than me by just a *couple* years, doesn't mean i can't think he's handsome!
    I hope he never stops acting. What else can i say?
    I would love to meet this truly inspiring man. He is great at his work and shouldn't ever doubt that.
  • Awesome actor.

    William Petersen is a great actor. i am a huge fan of his work on CSI. he plays his role perfectly. without petersen playing Grissom's part, i dont think it would be much of a show.
    he does a great job during the serious scenes in CSI. he just looks very serious and delivers his words seriously too. when it comes to the funny lines he doesn't do as great of a job as when he is serious, but he still manages to deliver them welll anyway.
  • É o maior motivo do sucesso de CSI, o cara além de produzir a série atua perfeitamente como Gil Grissom. Além de CSI, os filmes que ele já trabalhou também são ótimos e mostram o talento desse grande ator. Que merece muitos prêmios, pena que nem se

    Bem Bill mostra um ótimo dinamismo, e apesar das situações estressantes que passou no último ano, continuou atuando perfeitamente.
    Sei que uma estafa pode tirar uma pessoa de circulação por longos meses, mas Bill deu a volta por cima, e mostrou o pq ele é amado por todos os seus fãs. Pena que este ano nem o Emmy nem o Golden Globe o premiaram por sua brilahnte atuação como Grissom.
  • I have coveted him for years!

    Him...I...and a deserted island. What more can I say. This is a man who gets better the older he gets. You can have your Brad Pitts and Johnny Depps. I'll take William Peterson over them any day. Those eyes could make me do just about anything. Glad I live near Chicago...hope to see him there one day.
  • hi im fernanda and i love will

    Hi well i live william cause is an original actor and his character in CSI is awesome cause he seem so human but at the same time he looks professional and charming, i woul like to meet him but always i see him in the tv show so thanx for that
  • On Gil Grissom

    Through Gil Grissom, William Peterson has clearly created one of the best TV characters of the 21st century.
    Although `CSI` itself is great, Gil Grissom's character is definately one of the most watchable aspects of the show.
    Although a bit of a closed book, he is dedicated to his work, but will always be there as moral support for any of his team, no matter what the situation involves. He always stands his ground over what is right, no matter who's toes he steps on, and he's teams admiration of him is clearly shown throughout the series
  • The reason why i love this character (Grissom) is because he looks powerful. He seems to be someone you can trust.

    He knows everything. He\\\'s my fantasy. He got so much power, he control almost everything around him. People have respect for that kind of person. Even my brother, who hates the series, likes him.
    I don\\\'t know why he\\\'s so attractive! Maybe it\\\'s his smile, the way he looks at people. Especially at women. It feels secure. You know someone who can protect you from anything!

    First time, I watch the series, was for my passion for csi. I continue to watch for George and Gary. But now I\\\'m addict to the character of Gil Grissom. I don\\\'t know if he\\\'s like that in real life(I don\\\'t think so, but let me in my dream!) but which women never dream to meet that kind of person? Not for the beauty or something but for the attitude.
  • What is it that makes Gil stand out from Horatio and Mac? Billy Peersens amazing charisma thats what!

    Billy is amazing a Gil Grissom in CSI. He has a watchable nature and is very endearing to viewers. His screen presence has secured his pllace a hot american actor and will have a great carear in the future! I for one wouldnt mind seeing alot more of him on TV!!!
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