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William R. Moses

William R. Moses


11/17/1959, Los Angeles, CA

Birth Name

William Remington Moses



Also Known As

Billy Moses, Billy R. Moses, William Moses, Bill Moses
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Billy Moses is the son of actress Marian McCargo and businessman Richard Cantrell Moses. He is the youngest brother of actors Rick, Harry, and musician Graham Moses. He's a former child actor who chose to become an athlete instead of pursuing an acting career, but he once again…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Billy Moses is, in my honest opinion, a very talented and wonderful actor who I feel is so underused and needs his OWN show! Also needs to get other parts!

    I think Mr. William Remington Moses deserves a lot more recognition than he's been getting lately. He's classy, sexy, gorgeous, and very talented. I think he's doing a wonderful job in his acting but I think his potential is so much greater than he realizes. This is a man I truly admire and who's work I really enjoy watching. I think Billy could take his career to greater heights if he really desires to do so. He's got a wonderful presence and beautiful smile along with such a beautiful face. This year (2005) I think he's crackin out about 8 movies! That's wonderful! This man is truly multifaceted. I'd also like to see him go more mainstream. How about either a FALCON CREST reunion movie or a PERRY MASON reunion movie? It's just a thought! It wouldn't be anything mainstream but it sure would be interesting to see happen.

    I just want Billy, especially, to realize that I truly believe in him and that I know he can do a lot more with his talents. I'm not disappointed in him, I never could be, but in the fact that he isn't getting much airtime in JANE DOE. His quality of workmanship is extremely excellent, however, and he's still VERY marketable and is able to go out and get those bigger parts. Billy? Go to it, love! You're very talented and you're a wonderful man who radiates his inner beauty as well as outter, and has such a beautiful soul. I'm glad you bounced back so quickly after last years troubles. God bless you, darling! Take care!


    Your #1 Fan in the USA

    PS Keep up the wonderful work. You make me proud!