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  • A talented and reliable actor.

    William Russ has the "everyman" part down to perfection. In countless guest appearances, TV movies and as Alan Matthews in Boy Meets World Rusty made acting look easy, as we became engrossed in his characters, forgetting for a time that he was an actor. He won critical praise for a recurring role on Wiseguy, and had a shot at stardom, playing the lead, a professional baseball player, in a feature film. However, the chance to become a matinee idol eluded him when his film, "Pastime," barely registered a blip on the pop culture screen in 1991. Soon after he was cast as Alan Matthews, a steady job in a sitcom made for the next generation. Still, William Russ has never become a household name. Is he disappointed? I don't know. I think he can be proud of the work he has done, and happy that he has been able to make a living at what he clearly loves to do.
  • The best TV dad ever.


    I was just feeling nostaglic for BMW and I watched like 10 episodes on YouTube. Then I came across an online show starring William Russ as a homeless guy. He's still playing a dad, but now that dad is homeless.

    It's actually a pretty good show, it's called home at last. Kind of reminds me of boy meets world in a weird way.


  • Excellent actor in TV and movies, he deserves to have a show of his own.

    Probably best known for his role in Boy Meets World, William Russ is an extremely talented actor. He played the tole of Alan to perfection, perfectly personifying the role of a father. The way he interacted with each of his children accordingly stood him apart from other actors who act the same to each of their on screen children of the same sex.

    He was also fantastic in American History X, but this review was done for BMW fans, some of whom are younger and it would not be appropriate.