William Utay






Birth Name

William Madans Utay




William Utay is well known to television viewers from roles in more than 200 programs over the past 20 years, most notably Night Court (Phil the Derelict) and Days of Our Lives (Dr. Rolf). His successful career also includes numerous film and stage productions.

Will appeared on Night Court for years as Phil, the homeless man who became Dan's (John Laroquette) right hand man. He also did a Shuttle by United Airlines commercial. He was driving one of those carts around inside the airport terminal. He appeared on Herman's Head during its first season as Frank Keller. Will appears in the Woody Harrelson/Antonio Banderos boxing flick, Play it to the Bone.

William began collecting vintage turn-of-the-century tinted photographs over twenty-five years ago and was soon photographing and tinting his own prints. An imaginative alternative to black and white or color photographs, William gives his work an ethereal feeling through the process of tinting. It is also the way he creates an other world-like view of places that he finds captivating. All photographs are taken by William and each photo is than hand-tinted by him or his wife, Susan. No two photographs are alike, each one is an original.