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William Whatley

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    I am a avid view of this show and I love watching the transformation of those having there makeover done on this show. A lot of thing that go on during the show makes it fun to watch. However there are things that he does that I find little disurbing. His idea of a commmimenet cut. When you see a girl with long hair that extends to the middle of her back William will always make that commiment cut around the shoulders or above. This forces the woman being made over to have short hair and is not given a choice in the matter not something I really like. Also, when he gets ointo coloring the hair. I sometimes wonder if he and the other gets carried away with drastic hair color changes. Why not stay blond instead of going to a different hair color. In other words why not stay with what she already has and just darken or lighten it. ANyone getting there hair done should always have input inot what it should look like because it is they who have to go around with thcut given to them by you until it grows out. A lot less what the host wants and a little more input into what the person wants. No more commiment cuts let the stylist do the cutting. Allow for versatility in hair length as appose to always shoulde length and above. ALso do not force what you like onto another person if she or he dos not like it. I think a makeover should be done with both parties agreement on on almost every aspect of the cut, the length and color of the hair.moreless