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  • Seth/William WIndom

    I've been lucky to come across some great photos of the Late Great WIlliam WIndom on Ebay. . It wasn't meant to be for me to meet him, but, it would have been great! OF course my favorite show is Murder She Wrote. I have acquired several DVDS of the show, a joy to watch. WIlliam was also awesome on Quincy, Hot Dog Murder, fantastic actor. . WIllliam, you were One OF A Kind actor, now if they would do another MSW and add your past performances to it from the show, thatd be cool!
  • One of Jessicas best friends

    Jessica Fletcher will surely miss her old friend. And we, the fans, will miss Mr. William Windom. Thankfully we will always have reruns. And not to forget his apperance on the classic Star Trek as Commodore Decker.