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  • The most talented narrator and voice artist in Hollywood and beyond. He especially did a great job as the uncredited narrator of The Invaders. He is one of the most prolific and gifted artists in his field.

    Each week, William Woodson was a fixture I enjoyed as the Invaders' narrator. He had that dead-on, dead serious demeanor that the show expressed in its style. Woodson was more than just a narrator, he gave the show a kind of eerie theme. Chilling and yet reassuring in his narration. I think his talent speaks for itself in that he did a variety of TV shows both as narrator and as guest actor. I still remember his appearances in Perry Mason and other shows. Check out his profile in imdb.com. It gives a rundown on his many appearances and narration gigs. He's got a deep, resonant and "1950's" type voice. Serious, crystal clear, and just plain cool. I am a big fan of his work. He's one of the absolute best in his field.