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Willie Hantz

Willie Hantz

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  • Willie

    I wish that BB had a rule where no one was allowed to lie about another player regarding race or sexual orientation. What happened to Willie was not fair on any level. Shame on Frank for his disgusting lie. There was no ill intent to dog gay people when Willie repeated what Wil said. The fact that Frank twisted Willie's intent was just as reprehensible to Wil as it was to Willie. My hope is that Big Brother makes that type of behavior against the rules just like physical assaults. Both are equally unacceptable. That clearly was NOT Willie's intent. Anyone who wants to argue the point feel free to e-mail me. I'm really opinionated and stubborn. lol I love the game Big Brother. I personally realize that I would be the biggest embarrassment and loser EVER in the house. Kudos to all those who have been brave enough to play. It can wreak havoc in ones personal life when the show is over. It takes guts. I am so impressed with Dan for his ability to read people and interact in a way that is for the most part honest, and honorable. I have to say that Brittany is my favorite. She is beautiful, intelligent, funny, and spunky. I want to see her back in the house until she wins. If, I were a man, I would want to marry Brit. She's real, funny and snarky! You can't ask for better than that from ANY woman.

    For the record. I am a 57 year old woman living in Kansas. Don't hold that against me. I was raised in Southern California and an artist, so I'm borderline cool. :) I love Big Brother!

    Debbie :)moreless