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    • In September 2006 Willie was charged with drug possession after marijuana and 'magic' mushrooms were found on his tour bus. Police seized 0.7kg of marijuana and some hallucinogenic mushrooms.
      Update: After facing court in April 2007, Willie was placed on six months probation.

    • The Monk episode "Mr. Monk and the Blackout" is dedicated "To Our Friend Willie".

    • Willie was approached by Toby Keith to sing a duet with him. As soon as Willie heard the title he agreed. The song was "Whiskey For My Man, Beer For My Horses".

    • Willie played with a band named Ray Price's Cherokee Cowboys during the mid 1950s.

    • Willie attended college for a year but found out it wasn't for him. The college he attended was Baylor University.

    • Willie had the honor of being inducted into The Country Music Hall of Fame in 1993.

    • Willie settled down and married Annie D'Angelo on September 16, 1991 and are still married today. They have 2 children together.

    • Willie met and married Connie Koepke in 1971 and stayed married until 1988 they had 3 children together.

    • Willie then married Shirley Collie in 1961 they also divorced in 1971 but had no children together.

    • Willie married Martha Matthews in 1950 and they divorced in 1960. They had 3 children together.

    • Willie did a short time in the Air Force but had to be discharged due to a bad back. Willie would suffer from that even until the present.

    • Willie played for his high school dances and worked at a radio station. After his graduation he became a DJ and the radio station gave him his own show.

    • At 6 years of age Willie got his first guitar. He began to write country songs and was playing in a polka band at the time.

    • Willie and Bobbie were raised by their grandparents because their mother abandoned them and their father had passed away.

    • Willie has a sister named Bobbie Lee who was raised by their grandparents. Both grandparents were church going gospel singers.

    • Willie worked in the cotton fields when he was growing up during The Depression.

    • Many of Willie's friends know him by his nickname which is "Red Headed Stranger".

    • Willie is not limited to movies and TV series. Willie Hosted "Saturday Night Live" in February 21, 1987.

    • Willie also appeared in TV's classic series "Miami Vice". He played the character "Old Texas Ranger".

    • Willie was Executive Producer of the film Red Headed Stranger in 1986.

    • Willie was the executive producer of "Farm Aid 96'.

    • My Cousin Vinny featured Willie's music in 1992. The song was "Funny How Time Slips Away".

    • Willie is in filming production in the movie Angel from Montgomery to be released in 2006.

    • One of Willie's biggest hit's "On the Road Again" was used in many movies such as Forrest Gump, The Big Green, The Big One, Little Boy Blue and Best Defense.

    • In the box office hit Colors from 1998, Willie's song "Bloody Mary Morning" was played.

    • Willie's song "Crazy" was also used in a movie titled The Bride of Chucky in 1998.

    • Willie's hit single "On the Road Again" is played in the 2001 hit movie Shrek.

    • Willie's nickname is ' Red Headed Stranger'.

    • Willie was nominated for an Academy Award in 1981 for the song, "On the Road Again," used in the 1980 movie Honeysuckle Rose.

    • In addition to being a successful country singer, Willie is also a songwriter and wrote hits for many other singers, including "Crazy" for Patsy Cline and the song "Hello Walls".

    • Willie has 7 children.

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