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Wilson Jermaine Heredia

Wilson Jermaine Heredia


12/2/1971, Brooklyn, New York

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Wilson Heredia, Wilson Heredia
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Wilson Jermaine Heredia was born and raised in Brooklyn on December 2, 1971. His mother was a seamstress, his father a super. He has one sister, who is eleven years his minor. Wilson was shy in during his school years and did not get into acting until he…more


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    • Wilson Jermaine Heredia: (on why RENT has a profound effect on many different audiences) I think it's because it's about timeless universal themes encompassing real people. These people in the film were all Jonathan's friends. He wrote about his life, he wrote about his friends, his environment. Some of these things happened, and I think people identify with ... if you don't identify with the drag queen you'll identify with Collins' character, if not with Collins's character, you'll identify with Roger. If not Roger, Mimi. There's something in this film for everyone.

    • Wilson Jermaine Heredia: (when asked about influential people in his career) It may be a cliché, but it would have to say Michael Greif and Jonathan Larson. They definitely inspired me and through example allowed me to learn what this business was about, and also I really have to say ... Jesse [L. Martin], seriously. He really helps me up my game and never let me drop the ball. I learned so much working with this man.

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    what can i say? his amazing acting, singing, and dancing in stilettos stole my heart! lol

    he's one of my heroes/idols. He did phenomenal in RENT, and unfortunately, i haven't seen Flawless yet, but he's still wonderful, and i love him (in a non-stalker way...)
  • I love Wilson.

    I love Wilson. I fell in love with him ever since I saw the Rent movie and now I\\\'m dying to see it onstage. Seriously.........he can sing,dance,and act! We need more of those \\\"triple threats\\\" in Hollywood instead of people like Tom Cruise. Plus, Wilson seems like a hell of a nice guy too. He has a huge range in acting too, from drama(Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) to comedy (Flawless) Is anybody obbsessed as I am with him? Has anybody ever written to the contact address on this site and gotten a reply from him? I heard his email address is W_J_H1@yahoo.commoreless