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Wim Wenders

Wim Wenders


8/14/1945, Düsseldorf, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Birth Name

Ernst Wilhelm Wenders


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Born in Dsseldorf, West-Germany on August 14th as son of a surgeon. The name Wim is Dutch, but authorities didn't accept it at this time, although his mother was Dutch, so his official name is Ernst Wilhelm. Wilhelm was chosen as the closest thing to Wim and Ernst…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Wim is elected member of the fraternity Pour le mérite on 29th May 2006. The fraternity was founded by the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV in 1842 to honor people from science and art.

    • In 1995 Wim received another honorary doctorate (in divinity) - this time from the theological faculty of the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.

    • In 1945 the authorities refused the name request Wim and named as reason it's "not a proper German name". So his parents named him Wilhelm, a thing close to Wim.

    • Wim is father of a son born in 1974 and is blind since 1978.

    • In 2004 Wim won the important UNESCO Award at the Venice Film Festival for his movie Land of Plenty. The move was also nominated for the golden lion.
      He won the Golden Lion in 1982 for The State of Things and the FIPRESCI Prize of the same festival for Beyond the Clouds in 1995.

    • In 2005 the Locarno International Film Festival honored Wim with the Leopard of Honor for his life time work.

    • Wim won the German Film Awards three times:

      1975: The Wrong Movement

      1978: The American Friend

      1998: The End of Violence

      He was also nominated twice more:

      1989: Wings of Desire

      2000: The Million Dollar Hotel

    • Wim won the British BAFTA award once with Paris, Texas in 1985, but was nominated twice since then in 1989 for Wings of Desire and in 2000 for Buena Vista Social Club.

    • Wim won twice at the Bavarian Film Awards. The first time in 1988 for Wings of Desire and the second time in 1994 for Faraway, So Close!.

    • In 2000 Wim won the Silver Bear of the Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for the golden one, for his film The Million Dollar Hotel.

    • Wim was many times nominated and awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Here is the list (year, price, nominated movie):

      1976: Golden Palm, Kings of the Road

      1977: Golden Palm, The American Friend

      1982: Golden Palm, Hammett

      1987: Golden Palm, Wings of Desire

      1993: Golden Palm, Faraway, So Close!

      1997: Golden Palm, The End of Violence

      2005: Golden Palm, Don't come knocking!


      1976: FIPRESCI Prize, Kings of the Road

      1984: Golden Palm, Paris Texas

      1984: Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Paris Texas

      1984: FIPRESCI Prize, Paris Texas

      1987: Best Director, Wings of Desire

      1993: Grand Prize of the Jury, Faraway, So Close!

    • Wim won two European Film Awards 1988 (for Wings of Desire) an in 1999 (for Buena Vista Social Club).
      He was nomination one more time in 2005 for Don't Come Knocking.

    • In 2000 Wim received an Oscar nomination for his movie Buena Vista Social Club.

    • In 2001 Wim was nominated for a Grammy in the category Best Long Form Music Video.

    • The documentary Buena Vista Social Club Wim made in 1999, was the global break through the band with the same name. The funny thing is, this band made music for over 60 (!) years at the time this movie was released.

    • Wim directed a commercial for Audi, when they launched their new A3. The commercial was called The other Side of the Road.

    • Wim wrote several books, mostly with cinematographic content.

    • Wim directed an music video for The EELS for their song Souljacker, partI set in Berlin.

    • In 1989 Wim received an honorary doctor title from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

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