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    • Winsor: (on his wife watching B&B) She's the first to call and say, 'That was awful!' But she's also the first to say, 'That rocked!'. She's loved all the stuff recently, especially the funeral scenes. She called me when she saw them and said, 'That is by far the truest I have seen you or anyone on the show'. I was like, 'That's very impressive, but don't tell Susan Flannery that!'

    • Winsor: (secrets to having a successful marriage) That's all credit to her. She's so similar to me. There is not a jealous bone in our bodies. We have this unspoken trust, and it just fits and it's right. There's no doubt we'll grow old together. We'll be sitting on our rocking chairs with our grandchildren 80 years from now, because we're both in our 20s! (Winsor actually turns 43 in 2006). She's my biggest supporter.

    • Winsor: (on juggling family life and work) That's what I love about Daytime. I get to see my children every night and every morning. I'm not busy 20 hours a day. My work schedule usually is 8am-6pm, and then I'm doing something with my boy and having dinner with the family.

    • Winsor: (on having a son) I had two girls first (a daughter, Jade, 21 from a previous relationship, and a stepdaughter, August, eight, from Deanna's previous relationship). I have someone on my side now, and it's been really great.

    • Winsor: (on fatherhood) It is the single greatest accomplishment for me. I was looking at my son last night, Winsor Dewey Harmon IV, and thinking how great this is. He's now three. It's hard to believe! He's a little me, but a little more active than me.

    • Winsor: (on managing a personal life with such a heavy workload) I've been at work travelling on the weekends doing appearances. With all the emotions I have to play, it gets crazy at times, but I'm doing exactly what I always wanted to do.

    • Winsor: (on how B&B fans have reacted to the pairing of Thorne & Taylor as a couple) I've heard it's 100% positive. I don't get involved in the fan mail. Susan Flannery (Stephanie) and I have the same approach to this. We do this business because it's something we enjoy doing. I don't like being put on a pedestal just because I'm on TV. But I do read some of the letters, and they're all positive.

    • Winsor: (on the differences in working with former & current love interests) Schae and I really had a rapport that was so natural because we were such good friends. She would come to my house and we'd have a big make-out scene for rehearsal. And because Schae didn't want to make my wife Deanna jealous, she would kiss her, too. It was all in fun. I love working with Hunter (Tylo) because it's something new. She really dives into what she's doing and fights for what she believes in. Hunter takes 45 minutes to do a scene the way she's going to do it. I love her dedication. I do my work the same way.

    • Winsor: (on keeping fit) I start off in the morning lifting weights. Then I run on the treadmill for 30 minutes at interval paces and get in nine miles. That's three days a week and then, the other three days, I go to my gym and swim 20 to 30 laps.