Wood Harris

Wood Harris


Chicago, Illinois, USA

Birth Name

Sherwin David Harris



Also Known As

Sherwin David Harris
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Born Sherwin David Harris on October 17, 1969 to John & Mattie Harris. Wood-his childhood nickname- is also the younger brother of actor Steve Harris of ABC's legal drama "the Practice." Wood holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Northern Illinois University. He also holds a Master of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Wood Harris is one of the most talented actors in the business today. He has excelled in all aspects and continue to do his best. I have been a fan ever since Above the Rim and now a faithful watcher of The Wire. I truly think he is a talented actor.moreless

    Wood Harris is a versatile and believable actor. My favorite movies that he starred in are Above the Rim, Remember the Titans and Paid in Full. In Above the Rim he played this no BS hoodlum who was down for his clique. He basically was the guy that handled his business and was not to be taken lightly. Although I he was a bad guy he looked good being one.

    I was so amazed at his performance in Remember the Titans. To be a co-star with Denzel Washington says a lot. In his performance he portrayed his anger, love, hate, and emotions so well. He made you feel his character and understand. He was believable from the beginning to when they overcame the main conflict and plot of the movie.

    My favorite of all is Paid in Full. He was this smooth, laid back drug dealer that stumbled upon the business by mistake. I think in real life Wood is a laod back kind of guy. This role seemed to look as if he did not need to get into character... the personality seemed to fit him minus the drug activity. I loved Mehki Pfiefer in that movie as well. They interact great together and hopefully they can do another movie together...

    I continue to be a fan, I watch The Wire and commend his performance. Anything he is in I will watch and because I know acting is in his blood. It is what he breathe, eat and sleep.

    Any guy that is can relate to Common the artist is cool with me...

    Keep up the GOOD work.